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The Magic of Crystals - Alternative Health Therapies

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Energy is all around us, it's in everything from plants, animals, air, minerals and even in rocks, it's basically our life force and links all things together. Many people go through their life never really giving much thought to energy and how it can effect us, they simply take it for granted in their daily lives, but without it there would quite simply be... nothing. When we stop for a moment and take a closer look at the power that can be harnessed from energy and it's uses, especially for health and healing, we then understand how important it is to keep more of an open mind to the gifts that are naturally provided for us all by the earth and have been used for centuries..

Deep in the earth gemstones are formed that are composed of the same types of minerals as our own bodies, and also in the natural things we eat. Gemstones hold energy inside of them and can be powerful conductors capable of sending this energy to our bodies through what is known as an electromagnetic force field. I know this all sounds very 'Si fi' and like something from Star Trek lol:), but it actually works and in doing so helps to realign our own energies and can restore balance to our health.

Gemstones are very beautiful on their own and can be kept beside the bed or in a purse or wallet, but their greatest advantage is that they can be turned in to the most intricate pieces of jewellery such as a necklace, bracelet, ring or even a key chain that can be attached anywhere, and so the right stones needed to heal a person can be worn all the time. Giving someone a gift that not only looks special but can also benefit their health seems to my mind as perfect, but how do you go about finding the right stones for a certain need?

I have created a list below to show you the gemstones and each of their healing values...

Amazonite: Helps restore the natural balance of the nervous system.
Bloodstone: Can help when suffering Anemia.
Fluorite: Relief for insomnia.
Moss Agate: Boosting self esteem.
Malachite: For liver problems.
Lapis Lazuli: Can help with anxiety problems and also headaches.
Aventurine: Good all round healer for a complete healthy balance.
Tiger iron: Increases the level in which red blood cells form. Creates an energy boost.
Red Coral: For problems with Depression.
Calcite: Helps restore balance to your metabolism.
Labradorite: Good for digestion, skin disorders and muscular problems.
Rose Quartz: Helps in the relief of pain.
Emerald: Aids in helping with lung problems.
New Jade: General balance for the immune system.
Amber: (this is not technically a stone but in fact fossilized tree resin) Helps with memory problems:
Sapphire: This stone has many properties that help with skin & blood disorders, epilepsy, thyroid, hearing and nosebleeds problems.
Rhodonite: Can be a help to Arthritis sufferers.
Aquamarine: Helps with fluid retention and also swollen glands.
Amethyst: Can help with stress, headaches & blood sugar balance.

All though I have been researching alternative ways to promote natural healing for many years now, I still consider my self as only knowing a very small amount as there are endless possibilities. The gemstones I have detailed for you above are just a little collection from the things I have learned and so if you wish to know more about them then I would recommend one of the many books available by authors who have studied this subject for far longer than me

The Experience Of Child Abuse

Monday, 29 October 2012

It is a God given right that children be loved, unfortunately there are children that suffer though their childhoods experiencing abuse. There are different kinds of child abuse, it can be physical, emotional or mental or sexual. Any kind of abuse may and probably will have very drastic effects on the abused child and they will need special attention and support from those who care and love them.

Physical abuse involves abuse in a physical capacity. This involves causing a child physical abuse or refraining from giving them the food or other nutrients that they need in order to be healthy. Emotional abuse on the other side is a type of abuse that effects a child's emotions, this can include saying things that lowers the child's self worth. The third type of child abuse is sexual abuse and it is one of the worst kinds of abuse because it is so evasive.

There are several causes of child abuse, just like any other kind of abuse. The biggest cause is mental illness as well as other psychology problems. Many people who suffer from mental illness often cause children harm even if they are unaware of themselves doing it. A lot of the time problems at home or within a family are stressors for child abuse. Parents or guardians that have trouble abusing drugs often and easily cause harm to their children, as well as parents that have money troubles.

Stress is a major factor and sometimes a root cause of child abuse. In order to work with and help a child that has been abused you need to know what the cause of the child's abuse is, in order to help in the right ways. Experiencing child abuse will likely have an emotional and psychological impact on the child even if they don't always display them. Some abused children have thoughts of suicide because of being abused.

The varying effects from being abused vary on how much they were abused. The more abuse the child deals with the more they will be affected by it. Children who have suffered or do suffer from abuse also have trust issues and therefore have trouble making new relationships with people. Other results from being abused are low self esteem, eating disorders and physical disabilities.

Psycho therapies are done to treat cases in which children who have been abused because most of the time it is very traumatic. Parenting classes taught to children when they are growing up is a great way to break the cycle and prevent the same mistakes from happening with future generations.

Child neglect and abuse is something that needs attention because it concerns something so precious, the children of this world. Having family seminars and family planning courses available is a good way to help prevent child abuse in the future. Organizations such as UNICEF work hard to treat these problems. Children are the most important part of society so they deserve to be respected and treated with love and care.

Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System - The Review You Must Read Before Buying This Product!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Are you looking for more information regarding the Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System? Make sure you read this article now to learn all the top secret information about the product, and why I think you should not be using this system.

Neutrogena is making a lot of huge claims regarding the effectiveness and benefits of this product.

According to the company who makes this product, this works faster than Proactiv on pimples and you will see your acne disappear in as little as 2 days.

This "advanced" solution is designed to reduce blackheads, whiteheads, redness and inflammation. Other than that, the company claims that it will help your face to get a less oily surface.

The whole system comes with a cleanser, a sunscreen with a more fancy name, and Overnight acne control lotion which contains prescription grade benzoyl peroxide to kill acne-causing bacteria and treat inflamed breakouts.

From what I see, this system, which is on sale for $20, consists of a salicylic based cleanser, a normal sunblock with low protection, and a benzoyl peroxide based acne lotion.

The heart of the treatment is obviously the Overnight Acne Control Lotion which uses benzoyl peroxide to treat acne. 

The major problem of this system is that it dries your skin out overly and makes your skin flaky. This is just an effect of benzoyl peroxide.

Should You Use This System?

In my opinion, you can but it is entirely optional. This is due to several reasons:

  • First of all, the major healing ingredient is benzoyl peroxide in its lotion. According to Neutrogena, this product targets the acne-causing bacteria in order to get rid of acne. But bacteria is just one part of the equation. There are still many other factors that can cause an acne breakout.
  • The product causes skin dryness and can lead to skin irritation and unwanted pore inflammation. This can slow down your skin's healing speed greatly.

The Pros of The Product:

  1. At just 20 dollars, it is cheaper than Proactiv, which is the direct competitor of this product.
  2. It has a decent salicylic based cleanser, a sunscreen with herbal extracts and a benzoyl peroxide based lotion. I think it is fine to call it good value.
  3. It can do a decent job treating and getting rid of acne in the short run.

The Cons of The Product:

  • It causes dryness which can lead to irritation and inflammation.
  • The system can not produce long term results for it's only targeting the acne-causing bacteria.
  • It can become ineffective in the long run.
  • You will need to use the product everyday in order to sustain the results and prevent acne from showing up again.

In my opinion, there is just many other natural alternatives that can work much better for your skin and your health.

Couple of Health Fitness Tips to Keep Your Body Healthy

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

One of the biggest challenges today, is to stay fit. To follow health fitness tips, you need to make a lot of behavioural changes to achieve the required fitness levels. Diet and lifestyle play a major role in weight reduction. To stay in shape and to boast of a good figure, you need to take care of your diet. Ensure that your food is well balanced with loads of fibre and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Avoid red meat as much as possible. Sufficient amount of sleep is very crucial for your body. In order to recover from a hard day's work, you need to get at least 7 to 7.5 hours of sleep, every night.

Most of the Health & fitness tips also lay stress on modifying your lifestyle. Diet and exercise should always go hand in hand. It is important to stretch before you workout. Strenuous exercise can take a toll on your muscles, causing minor injuries. Therefore, always work in moderation. Do not repeat the same workout over and over again. Once the body gets used to a particular activity, it is recommended to change to another schedule.

Top tips on Health & fitness advocate that smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped. Smoking increases the risk of vascular conditions like arteriosclerosis and heart diseases. Alcohol intake should at least be reduced, if not eliminated totally. Take care when consuming sugary drinks, as these can cause an imbalance in your gut due to rapid growth of yeast and pathogens. It is good to take probiotic supplements to boost your immune system and keep it going. You could opt for a superior quality, sugar free supplement with ample live bacteria.

All health & fitness tips lay stress on the importance of drinking lots of fluids. Intake of fluids both during and after workouts is crucial to keep your body hydrated. A well hydrated body remains balanced and helps protect against muscle tensions. Water acts as a great beauty enhancer by improving your skin complexion. It also increases your energy and concentration levels.

There are innumerable health fitness tips but the ones discussed above are the major ones. By following the same, you can rid yourself of a good many disorders and pave your way to a healthy body and mind.

The War Against Drugs

Monday, 22 October 2012

I was asked in a high school class again today, "What is the war against drugs?" It seems an easy question to field, but I found myself stumbling on my answer.

The phrase itself is an obvious misnomer, The War on Drugs? What do they do, line the drugs up against a wall and machine-gun them down? Or do we declare war on anything we feel unable to overcome? The war on poverty, the war on illiteracy, and the war on just about anything you really can't face. It doesn't make much sense.

A phrase first coined by President Richard M. Nixon, the war on drugs has changed over time into something that defies definition. In fact, looking for a completely unbiased description is pointless. Depending on to whom you are speaking, the war on drugs has failed or has succeeded.

Without delving into conspiracy theories regarding this historical phenomenon, the whole thing started around 1971 and was ostensibly intended to reduce and ultimately control the use and trafficking of illegal psychoactive drugs in the United States and some of our allies.

And now, despite billions of dollars spent and innumerable lives impacted, the drug problem is still one of our most pressing dilemmas and is again on the rise in 2010.

I think it is time we faced the fact that laws will never solve the problem of drug abuse.

As long as you have someone standing there, holding up a fifty dollar bill and shouting, "Give me some drugs!" there will be some drug pusher right there with a handful of whatever saying, "Here you go, fool."

That isn't to say that taking some kid, caught with a baggie of weed, and throwing him in jail is a good idea. There isn't any treatment in prison...prison is crook college.

But saying it is legal? Oh no, we'd be opening a door we could never close. I can't even imagine the destruction if we'd see if one could get heroin in the local quick-mart. Or go to the grocery store and order a couple of hits of crack cocaine.

Instead of fighting a war on drugs, let's fight a war on ignorance. The drug pushers and dealers and proponents of illegal drugs would have a lot tougher time making their money if the kids were all made fully aware of the dangers, short and long-term, of drug abuse and the possibilities of drug addiction.

Armed with complete knowledge of what lies down the drug abuse road, our children will not fall so easily into the pushers traps and schemes.

Then the pushers and dealers and purveyors of illegal drugs will have to go off to find some other slimy way to make their money.

Don't Fall Victim To A Health Insurance Scam - 10 "Red Flags" You Should Look For

Friday, 19 October 2012

In today's fast paced world, business owners don't often have the time to thoroughly check out the companies they rely on to provide goods and services. In many cases, a determination of product/service quality can be made at the time goods are delivered or services are rendered. If goods or services do not meet expectations, there is often an immediate remedy available. For example, poor quality goods can be shipped back to the supplier and/or payment for services can be withheld until services are satisfactorily rendered.

Unfortunately, business owners do not always purchase items that are tangible items, in the sense that they can immediately determine the quality of the goods and/or services at the time of purchase. One example of such a purchase is health insurance. Since health insurance is not usually used immediately after purchase, the quality of care or the legitimacy of the policy may not even come into play until the business owner, or a family member, actually needs to have medical treatment. This is one of the primary reasons that many companies, often appearing legitimate, can get away with selling bogus health insurance coverage to unsuspecting business owners.

In most cases, fraudulent health insurance policies are sold to business owners by telemarketers or "agents" through bogus Associations and Unions. In that, the buyer must join a professional and/or trade association or become a union member to qualify for health insurance. In fact, in a study published by the U.S. General Accountability Office (GAO) in 2004, the GAO found that association schemes ranked at the top of the marketing methods followed by bogus health insurers. According to the report, "Employers and Individuals Are Vulnerable to Unauthorized or Bogus Entities Selling Coverage, between 2000 and 2002, the U.S. Department of Labor and state insurance regulators identified 144 unauthorized entities selling health insurance unlawfully. These entities defrauded 15,000 employers and more than 200,000 policyholders out of $252 million."

However, it is important to mention that many individual and group health insurance products are endorsed by reputable Associations, such as the ARRP and the American Bar Association and, many reputable Unions, such as the AFLCIO and the Teamsters. These organizations have long been recognized for bringing a common class of professionals or citizens together for other purposes that have very little to do with health insurance. Membership commonly includes a wide range of other benefits in addition to discounted health insurance. Typically, the organizations have a governing organization, a constitution and bylaws, a set of officers, voting rights, regular membership meetings and a professional code of conduct.

Unfortunately, most individuals do not find out that they were making hefty monthly payments or premiums to fraudulent Associations or Unions until they have a severe condition that requires medical treatment. Usually, it isn't until after they receive treatment that they receive notice from their medical provider that the claim that was submitted to the insurance company was denied and that all the medical charges that were incurred are now their responsibility.

Often, the scheme starts when business owners are contacted by telephone or approached by someone who claims to represent a certain, official sounding, Association or Union. The business owner is then informed that if s/he becomes a member of the Association or joins the Union, s/he could qualify for a low cost group or individual health insurance plan. Typically the Association or Union is promoted to represent self-employed individuals and small business owners. The low cost health insurance is usually presented as one of the many "perks" that the business owner can qualify for, in addition to many other "member" benefits, like discounts on other services, such as dental, eyeglasses, office supplies, hotels, rental cars, etc.

In many instances, these bogus companies involve licensed health insurance agents to sell their fraudulent health insurance products. Sometimes the "agents" know the products are fraudulent, other times, the "agent" also falls prey to the scheme. Often, the schemes prey upon consumers who have been previously declined insurance coverage or suffer from a pre-existing condition. Since these consumers have very limited options to purchase private health insurance coverage, the benefits of an Association or Union membership that offers health insurance coverage for a "membership fee" or "union due" is enticing. To the unsuspecting consumer that has a pre-existing medical condition or is paying high premiums for coverage, the "membership fee" or "union due" is a small price to pay for what they believe will be a quality health plan that provides "guaranteed" coverage with no "pre-existing condition exclusions" and no "waiting periods."

In many circumstances, the print materials that are left with the consumer are very well designed, however, the majority of the time, the language in the "health plan brochure," if there is one, is very unclear. The literature may name the entity that is authorized to act as the health plan administrator of the plan, but neglect to name the actual insurance company that is providing the health insurance coverage. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for the consumer to separate the illegitimate companies selling official sounding health plans from the legitimate ones. Typically fraudulent health plans have many commonalities.

Here are 10 "Red Flags" that may indicate health insurance fraud:

1. The "agent" is not a licensed insurance agent but an "enrollment" or "membership" coordinator.

2. The term "discount plan" is written in the product literature, but the term health plan, health insurance or policy is frequently used by the plan promoter. Discount plans often provide nothing more than a discount for medical services, such as prescription medications, eyeglasses, dental, etc. These plans are not designed to offer major medical health insurance coverage.

3. The official sounding "Association or Union" is one that you have never heard of before.

4. The plan is referred to as an ERISA plan. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a federal law that allows employers to set up employee benefit plans for employees and their dependents. ERISA plans are not subject to state regulation and are not regulated by the state insurance commissioner. ERISA plans are normally not sold as health insurance, but are instead, established by employers, unions or groups acting on behalf of employers. Therefore, unsuspecting buyers believe these plans actually offer health insurance coverage, when if fact, they do not.

5. The buyer is told that the "membership fee or union dues" includes the health insurance premium, but there is no mention of the word "premium" in any of the plan literature.

6. The plan offers "guaranteed" insurance coverage with no exclusions for "pre-existing conditions" and no "waiting periods."

7. The plan is significantly cheaper in price than other health insurance plans.

8. The term "reinsured" is used in regards to the plan. Reinsurance is something insurance companies buy to protect themselves against their own risks. It is insurance for insurance companies. Licensed insurers rarely have their agents mention any of their reinsurance arrangements during a sales presentation.

9. If the Association or Union is comprised of members from all walks of life and/or requires its members to state that they belong to a certain trade, class or group of professionals that they have no affiliation with, for example, the Association or Union is said to be comprised of "Food and Beverage" workers, but "Florists" and "Machinists" are allowed to enroll as members.

10. If the Association or Union is said to have a special arrangement with a health insurance company, a plan administrator or another third party that has designed the plan using a legal "loophole" that allows members to purchase health insurance at a discounted rate or to purchase a individual or group health insurance policy.

So how can you protect yourself from falling victim to a fraudulent insurance scam? Make sure you contact your state's department of Insurance to determine if the health insurance company and the third-party administrator are licensed to do business in your state and make sure that the "agent" selling the plan is a "licensed health insurance agent." Additionally, make sure that the health insurance company has been approved to sell the particular policy that is being offered. Since it may be difficult to tell if fraud is involved, always put off buying your insurance policy until you have had the opportunity to perform your own due diligence.

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The Social Impact on Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Everyday in the U.S. 136 people die from drug and alcohol abuse, and data from both government and private sources indicate that these numbers are almost 35% greater than reported 2 years ago. What this data doesn't disclose is the true impact that these deaths have on the family and loved ones of those who have died from the ugly insidious disease of drug addiction and alcoholism. While there has been a overwhelming attempt by the government and private agencies to step in with financial aid and policy in the form of treatment, support, and awareness programs for those affected by drug and alcohol abuse there is still much to be done.

The lives of everyone who comes in contact with an alcoholic or drug addict are impacted: family, friends, and co-workers are directly affected while a spillover effect further touches those outside direct contact of the addicted. Many never seek the help of support groups out of shame, fear, denial, and other reasons while the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction continue to slowly eat away the lives of all they touch.

Treatment from both 12 step groups and qualified professionals have shown significant success once the drug addicted and alcoholic become honest and accept their disease and seek out help, but until there is acceptance and a cry for help from the alcoholic or drug addict there little hope for recovery.

Accessibility to treatment and services for those affected by the addiction of drugs and alcohol has become easier in recent years and many who could not afford or find help now can. Insurance providers have become equally sensitive to the impact of drugs and alcohol and now have implemented coverage and resource for those covered under their insurance plans.

In the Southern California area, many treatment providers have made a shift in their approach to treatment by expanding upon the more traditional methods to include one on one, family based, and long term after care in a combination of 12 step meetings with group and private counseling. But before treatment can begin in most cases, intervention is required to reach the drug addict or alcoholic in a non-threatening environment.

What Is An Intervention?

An intervention is a planned attempt by family members and friends to help a chemically dependent person get help. Interventions have a high success rate when done under the guidance and supervision of a trained counselor and with the help of family and friends closest to the addicted person. Even when drugs or alcohol appear to have taken over one's life, it is still very powerful (and necessary) to be confronted with one's own behavior and the effects it has had on those people closest to one.

The role of family and friends in intervention is vital. There is strength in numbers when family and friends confront the abuser as a group. Yet even though they are sick and tired of trying to control their loved one's behavior, those closest to the addict tend to protect him or her from the consequences of drinking or using. Stopping such "rescue missions" is an essential part of intervention. The addict needs to fully experience the harmful effects of addiction. Getting into treatment, getting sober, and receiving appropriate psychiatric care and medication can greatly reduce symptom severity, thus helping the dually-diagnosed addict feel better and think more clearly. With such progress, he stands a much better chance of maintaining his substance abuse recovery and coping with psychological disorders.

The Good News

When the alcoholic and drug addict finally hit bottom and enter into a program of treatment, the viscous cycle of abuse has been stopped. With support from family and friends, the healing process of the addict/alcoholic can be applied in the form of 12 step meetings, and therapy. Many who were once hopeless find that through guidance and counseling they now have a life of meaning and usefulness. If you are concerned about a loved one who is abusing alcohol or drugs, call the Step-Up Recovery Team now 714-771-4522. Or visit their website at http://www.stepuprecovery.com

Health & Fitness Guide

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Health and fitness matters a lot for the healthy living being. With the growing age of the universe and the developing countries, people are more into business and works and have totally ignored their personal physical and mental life. Nowadays the routine is nothing more than a 12-hour job and sleepless nights just for the sake of earning money. But it is important to configure that money values only when the body is healthy and the living being is normal. Anyhow many countries stress on the physical heath and exercises, making the fitness valuable and prior to all people of all ages and either sex. Health and fitness is a thing to be maintained by all age groups and adults need to maintain it more. Health and fitness values for patients as well, the heart and the bones patients tend to give more attention to their health and fitness.

Health and fitness does not merely mean for the appearance and the figure look out but it does play a strong role in maintaining the senses and activities of the routine life. The health and fitness if carried properly answers a lot of questions related to diseases, body disorders and organs functions, not only this it can also cure to several mild disorders and relief stress. There are lots of clubs and exercise places located in cities where you can and give sufficient time to your body. Body needs care and rest, if you are unable to manage to go specific place and sort out hours for yourself, you can carry out exercises that are unsaid, work outs at your home and office and make your body fit with essential foods and diet that makes the body best maintained and healthy. The healthier you are the longer gets your life. Kids too need special attention regarding their fitness and diets. The necessary point to note is that people needs knowledge regarding health and fitness, this is available best at the internet as people are more comfortable to seek guidance on internet regarding any topic and when it comes to health and fitness, people seek for personal guidance, which is best available at internet along with supervision of experts and doctors of health and fitness.

A proper diet and fitness guidance is served in Health and fitness articles and is found abundantly regarding any topic and under any conditions. You can now get contact with experts who throw their information on Internet. Health and fitness arises with several questions, these are all answered by health and fitness related articles. People from different regions have conditional problems regarding health and fitness, gyms, yoga center; diet plans and experts advice is available on Internet through variety of articles. Health and fitness though need to be concerned by doctor directly as Internet is a place where many websites claim to be big and trusted but they aren't in real. You can affirm any knowledge or new thing seen on Internet by doctor and then follow it if it suits you.

A Reversal of Thought in Alberta Health Care - It's a Beginning

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Alberta has a new health minister and he is making his presence known. One of the first swipes of the pen for Gene Zwozdesky, Edmonton's new MLA, was to cancel the proposed closing of the 300 acute care beds in Calgary and Edmonton. Considered a positive governmental move, it may just put a little faith back into Alberta's health care system.

The proposed bed closures, coming at a time when Alberta's Health Services is straining to provide adequate patient care, as well as the miscalculation of the need for the H1N1 flu vaccine have undermined public confidence in the system.

The reversal of the bed closings is seen as a positive move. But there are still issues with the health system that will take time, and money, to turn around. Patients in need of hip and knee replacements are waiting months for their surgeries. Cancer patients wait weeks for radiation therapy. Albertans are paying for services they are just not getting.

There are changes in the works. Taking a queue from Denmark's efficient health system, Alberta is starting to initiate activity based funding. This means that a health facility gets paid for each patient it sees. Right now each health service gets a lump sum that they must budget from to last the year. The more patients seen, the less money available to be spent per person. This total reversal in philosophy and funding should improve patient care.

Other issues, such as efficient staffing of nurses and the possibility of some privatization of certain health services to ease the burden on the province's health care system, are possible solutions. These, particularly the private health care issue, will require the navigation of many rolls of red tape and a change in mind set before they have even a chance of getting off the ground. Minister Zwozdesky has made a start. How far will he get, or be allowed to go?

For Optimum Health Benefits - Choose Organic Teas

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

To keep healthy or improve your health, choose organic teas. They are grown on organic soil, which is without herbicides or pesticides. Blended teas, especially in inferior tea bags can include chemicals from the leaves and soil which are not good for your body. Choose organic to give you the best health benefits.

If you're looking for a healthy alternative to coffee, choose teas grown naturally in organic soil. You will experience the great aroma and taste of teas in their purest form. It's easy to order teas online and many websites offer organically grown teas. They are available for all tea sorts, from black Assam, Chinese or Japanese green tea, to the many herbal teas on the market. Green tea, for example, often accompanies a meal and it is great for digestion.

Tea is not only a healthy drink but also inexpensive so when you go shopping for tea, make sure you choose the organic variety. These teas are now readily available at most supermarkets and tea comes in lots of varieties. If you have a favorite, make sure you find the organic option - you'll be very please you did. You will notice the difference and when drinking a good cup of tea, you can be assured that it's doing the very best for your body.

Teas can improve your health and are a great alternative to coffee. Make sure your cup of tea is the best you can have. Organic teas come in the best qualities. Teas are so very good for you, but organic is the absolute best - it's an easy choice.

Beauty - Inner and Outer

Saturday, 6 October 2012

True beauty consists of an inner and external aspect.

There is an old saying "beauty is just skin deep" but to anyone who knows a bit more about beauty and health this is not the whole truth. The true beauty that is shown by clear skin, sparkling eyes and shiny hair is made up of a healthy lifestyle, an inner confidence and only lastly by external cosmetics and creams.

The foundation of true external beauty is an inner beauty that comes not only from a good lifestyle but an inner peace and confidence that has been achieved through the ups and downs of life.

There are probably three important parts of your life that contribute towards achieving this true inner beauty.


Your body is made up of the food you eat. It follows therefore that if you eat poor quality food, then your body and hence your health will also be of poor quality. In some societies the cause of all illness is considered to be food.

So if the cause is food, so the cure is food. There are many places in the world where people live long lives unencumbered with ailments such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, dementia or heart problems. The thing they all have in common is a quiet stress free environment and good simple food.

Now it is obvious that comparing the low stress environments of these people to a western lifestyle with the continual pressure to perform whether at work or at home and the unending slavery to the clock is impossible.

It is possible however to take some of the key parts of their lifestyle and incorporate them into your life.

Good quality food, lots of vegetables, nuts and fruit, organic were possible, keeping consumption of the wrong saturated fats to a minimum or eliminating them entirely, the correct balance for your body between proteins and carbohydrates and minimising consumption of grains will all go a long way to enhancing your health. Add to this the right amount of good clean water every day and you are laying the foundations to good health and the inner beauty that every woman wants.

If you are a coffee addict, keep to a maximum of 4 cups per day and if possible drink green or black tea instead.

Mealtimes should be quiet and low stress. If you are in a disturbed state before mealtimes, have a few moments to calm down and quiet your thoughts. At the very least have a moments quiet just before eating.

Try and be aware of what is going in your mouth and linger on the tastes as you chew and swallow.

There are problems caused by eating when you are emotionally agitated or doing something else such as watching television, talking or even working on a computer. The effect of eating in this manner produces inflammatory elements in the body that reduce the benefits of the food and causes an inflammatory environment that make conditions such as heart and circulation problems, diabetes and poor or inadequate digestion more likely.

Internal inflammation is now thought to be the base cause of many of the debilitating conditions that affect people in western societies and eating food when distracted or emotionally disturbed increases this.


One of the more critical things to good health is a good nights sleep. For many women with demanding lives, this can often be difficult, especially if there are young children in the family. If you can have a good nights sleep for most of your life, understanding there are going to be times when this is impossible due to children, the worries that come with life and the disruption caused by hormones, then you will be well ahead.

It is not a good idea to use sleep aids whether herbal or drug related. The sleep they produce is of very poor quality compared to natural sleep and the health benefits are considerably reduced.

A quiet mind when preparing for sleep is essential, so stimulating drinks just before retiring such as coffee are to be avoided. Do not watch programs on the television that excite or arouse strong emotions just before going to bed. Instead listen to soothing relaxing music whilst having a leisurely warm bath.

The benefits of good restorative and rejuvenating sleep to your health cannot be over emphasised.

Much of the damaging luggage that the previous day has heaped on you, both physical and mental, is repaired during sleep. The reward of getting a good quality nights sleep is to wake in the morning, refreshed and ready with enthusiasm for the day ahead. Have a glass of water first followed by a good healthy breakfast and this will set you up for anything that might come your way in the day.


Lastly but certainly not least is happiness.

When we were children, happiness came almost automatically. As adults there are times when thing are going well and we are happy, but of course there are other times when things are more difficult.

Surprisingly you can choose to be happy. This may sound strange to some, but it can be done from the understanding that life is a long journey and there will be good and not so good times, but if you can keep an inner level long-term view of life, that basic inner happiness will support and enhance you forever.

If you remember the old saying that says "into each life some rain will fall" you will understand that there will be times when happiness comes a bit harder, however if you can get to the point where if you can keep an overall view of your life, this will get you over the peaks and troughs with a more even level of happiness.

When thing are tough, remember to count your blessings and keep the inner optimism that all will pass in time.

When thing are going really well, do not allow yourself to get too high or excited and think that this level of happiness will last forever and when you are going through a difficult time, remember the better times and keep that long-term view that this is just a shower and will eventually pass.

It is possible to generate an inner happiness that will outshine any short-term difficulties that come and go and give you that inner glow that will come through to the outside world and sustain you and your beauty throughout your life.

There will be occasions because of some event or circumstance when you find yourself full of negative hateful thoughts and feelings because of something that has happened or because of something someone has done to you. This negative energy is tremendously damaging to your inner happiness and of course your health as well.

The concept of forgiveness may to some be a bit old-fashioned, but it has a sound foundation.

If you have these negative feelings inside yourself and you keep that negative energy and constantly reaffirm it by going over and over the event again and again and perhaps hating the person that has hurt you, this creates a link between you and the event or person who has done the damage. It is as if you are being hurt over and over and repeatedly self-damaging yourself and your health.

Once you forgive, you break the link, stop the damage being repeated and give yourself the chance to get rid of the negative energy within you. It protects your happiness and gives you protection against future damage as you are confident that you can deal with anything in the future.

If you consciously choose to get in to the habit of forgiving whenever a bad experience comes your way, you are constantly building that inner calm and happiness which as time passes will get stronger and stronger and give you protection against the ups and downs of life.

In addition to all the advice given, a woman will still need to take care of her external appearance. There are many products here that can help with hair and skin care.

Does Our Health Care System Want You to Be Healthy?

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Health insurance companies are posting billions of profit dollars every quarter on Wall Street. Between 2008 and 2011 while the US recession was at its worst, profits for the five largest health care insurance companies increased by 61%.

Insurance premiums continue to rise despite the increase in profits. Even worse heart disease and diabetes rates continue to grow at epidemic levels. Ask yourself the question - if a health insurance company is required to report quarterly profits, is that company motivated to pay for immediate required needs such as surgery and drug therapies, or is the company motivated to pay for wellness care which shows benefits in the long run? How can people who are in charge of reporting profits to Wall Street be in charge of deciding what will be covered in your health care plan?

The pharmaceutical industry is another great example of wasteful spending on prescriptions and therapies that don't cure anything but instead deal with a symptom. If we individually took the approach of eating healthy and using nutrition for wellness and medicine, we might not need those expensive drugs that simply mask our symptoms because we won't be sick. You may not feel immediate relief in a few hours, but with patience and consistency your symptoms will subside and the condition may even disappear for life. You will feel better and live longer.

For instance, when you are diagnosed with high cholesterol, what does the doctor do? The doctor will prescribe a statin or other cholesterol-lowering drug. The doctor may recommend that you change your diet, but I doubt that the doctor takes the time to fully explain what diet modifications would be needed in order to lower your cholesterol. Does the doctor recommend researching and changing your diet for six months and then deciding whether a drug is necessary? I mean diet changes beyond reducing your egg and beef intake. I was able to cut my cholesterol in half by eating vegan for just a few months. After those few months I added back some animals products, my favorites, slowly and one at a time and I am able to maintain my cholesterol level now with ¼ of the cholesterol prescription that I took for over 20 years. I was able to completely eliminate all of my other prescriptions through changes in diet, lifestyle, and physical activity. I'm saving hundred of dollars per month just because I don't need the prescriptions.

Another great example is cancer therapy. Chemotherapy and radiation are the current favorite therapies used by doctors and I am not saying that these therapies are not needed in extreme cases and that they should not be used ever. But instead of waiting until you are diagnosed with cancer, you can try eliminating some animal products from your diet. If you eat 20% or less of animal products, you may cure a cancer you didn't even know that you had and you may prevent cancer in the future. By animal products, I mean meats, flesh, dairy, eggs, anything that was an animal or comes from an animal.

If you still don't believe me watch the movie Forks Over Knives. It's available on the web, through streaming movie services, or rentals. I have seen people whose lives have been completely transformed by simply watching this movie, including some family and close friends.

You can learn how to eat and live for health and wellness on your own by researching topics on the internet or using a health coach. If you are limited in time, the health coach is the easiest way to get private or group instruction on healthy nutrition and lifestyle. It's not nearly as difficult as you think it is.

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