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Health Fitness Articles - Barriers to Lifestyle Change

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Every single day, there are millions of people who browse internet and search for the health fitness articles. So if you are among those persons, simply go for routine checkup and find out the cause that is pushing you towards the diseases or disorders.

For instance, many people while in tensions or worries, eats a lot. No matter whatever they eat, is nutritious food or junk. Eating excessively beyond hunger is something that could be found in most of the people. Well, have you ever thought why you are eating excessively when you are tensed or stressed out, or sad? If not, you must know the fact, that this is not the eating, which is considered as eating for energy. In general, you could say this as emotional eating. If you are suffering from the same condition, then simply try to inhale deeply, drink a glass of water, and just concentrate on what exactly you need. In this case, if you are stressed then sometimes, physical activity might take the edge off.

Apart from this, if you are sad, then you can call your closed friends and talk to them or share some of your personals, which then offer you relief. Much time due to the stress, we normally turn our mind towards food even if the answer is somewhere else. Well, this is not the matter of concern. Such things are very common in today world. People work harder and remains trapped with lots of hassles, which results in stress. If you are one of those people who are looking for the solution via health fitness articles then the tips below may help you a lot.

Enjoy joining the Breakfast Club: Breakfast, as you might know will always be the most significant meal of the day. After having the night meal, the breakfast at morning helps to kick off the day in a right way. To run the metabolism of your body, there is an utmost need of food. So make sure that the breakfast is full of whole grain carbohydrates, protein, as well as a piece of fruit. This habit of eating is the best to keep your body functioning properly by receiving plenty of nutrition.

You can leave the table without cleaning your plate: Many people think that until we clean the plate, we cannot leave the table. This thinking is not at all makes any kind of sense. Well, you can leave without cleaning your plate. The size of plates at restaurants and the size at home are very different. Just make your stomach satisfied

No snacks before you go to bed: Thing is that, you take rest whole night and so your body functions slowly. This indicates that the digestion process also slows down. If you eat food and go to bed without spending time hear and there then the digestion do not completes, making you uncomfortable for rest of the day. It is recommended that you stop eating at least 2 to 3 hours before going to bed. If you want to go to bed early and did your dinner late, then do not eat any snacks after dinner.

Do not let your little habits to become big: Do not do such things that will take you in the wrong direction regarding to your health. Anything in excess results into loss. Try to manage some time for exercises that will make you fit and fine. All the health fitness articles will guide and recommend you to undergo exercises and incorporate it your regular schedule. Exercises will keep you young as well as fit and fine.

Do You Really Know How To Quickly and Easily Find Affordable Health Insurance Online?

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Affordable health insurance, it's something we all want to take part in but the reality is many consumers don't know how to properly search for the best online health insurance deal. Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet finding the most affordable health insurance online has never been easier.

One thing you must know before doing any type of online research for health insurance or any other insurance product is that there are many insurance company websites that promise incredibly low rates for their insurance products but actually fail to deliver. Shopping for affordable health insurance isn't as easy as buying the latest hard cover novel, the newest DVD or the latest Play Station 2 game. When purchasing health insurance online you will be required to divulge information about your current state of health as well as other information that is normally personal in nature. For that very reason always take the time to make sure the website you are considering purchasing your insurance through is truly legit and that they actually have licensed insurance providers that can help with your health insurance needs, wants and desires.

Perhaps the easiest way to find affordable health insurance online is to simply do a cost comparison as well as a benefit comparison between insurance providers or specialists. Don't be mislead by the numerous ads touting insurance policies for 70% and 80% cheaper then anyone else. Although many of the insurance companies advertising specials like this are doing so to gain your business and may have a very good health benefits package there are a few bad apples that will do nothing more then take your health insurance premiums and provide little in the way of health care coverage. Remember the goal is to get the maximum amount of health insurance coverage at the lowest possible monthly rate.

So to recap the quickest and simplest way to find the best affordable health insurance online is to do the following; Step 1 - Search on the internet for health insurance companies and providers. Step 2 - Obtain their health insurance premium rates and quotes. Step 3 - Accurately (this means read the fine print) compare and contrast the plans and prices you obtained in step 2. Step 4 - Choose the health insurance plan that meets your health coverage needs and stays within your monthly budget and then apply online.

In some cases consumers shopping for affordable health insurance get confused or lost by the variety or options available to choose from. One way to seek resolution on this minor problem is to actively utilize the insurance company's licensed health insurance agent by requesting guidance and information on their company's respective plans, coverage amounts and monthly premiums.

Finding affordable health insurance doesn't have to be a hassle or pain in the neck procedure. In fact by following our quick and easy tips you will find that locating the most affordable health care insurance online doesn't have to be frustrating at all.

Reasons For Choosing Organic Baby Products

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Every parent wants to provide the best care for his/her child. Today, with the variety of natural baby products available in the market, the job of parenting has become somewhat easy. You can choose from a variety of organic baby products to ensure that your baby remains secure from harmful chemicals.

Selecting only organic skin care products, however, is not enough to keep your baby protected from harmful toxins. As babies tend to explore things around them by either tasting or feeling objects, you need to ensure that all items in your baby's environment, such as toys, bedding, and clothing, are made from 100% natural ingredients.

Read on to know why going organic is the right choice and advantages of selecting safe, all-natural toys, bedding, and clothing for your child.

Why go organic?
Chemical-based products harm your child in more than one way. The absorption of chemicals present in common child products can lead to skin rashes, allergic reactions, and various other skin problems. Continuous exposure to synthetic products can make your child more susceptible to various serious health conditions, including cancer.

On the other hand, organic ingredients are made from natural elements and do not contain harmful chemicals or preservatives. By selecting organic products, you make sure that your child is not exposed to harmful toxins. Indeed, organic products augur well for your child's skin and overall health. Also, by buying chemical-free products, you do your bit to save our already fragile environment.

Organic toys
Organic toys are made from materials that are produced without using chemicals and toxic substances. The substances used in these toys are grown using sustainable resources. As these all-natural toys don't contain dangerous chemicals such as lead, cadmium, phthalates, and BPA, you don't have to worry about your child absorbing harmful chemicals while playing with his or her toys.

Organic toys are made from organic all-natural materials such as wood, cotton, wool and hemp. As such, you have a wide range of toys to choose from while purchasing a safe toy for your toddler. Make sure you read the label carefully before buying a toy to ensure that it is 100% organic.

Organic bedding and clothing
Chemicals used in non-organic household items, such as bedding and clothing, enter our body and can weaken our immune system. As a baby's immune system is still developing, it is essential that you choose only organic products for your child.

The benefits of selecting organic bedding and clothing are:

They don't contain harmful chemicals and are thus good for your child's health.
They are more comfortable and long-lasting than their non-organic counterparts.
They are more efficient in repelling dust mites and mildew.

As in the case of other organic products, read the label before you purchase bedding and clothing to ensure that what you are getting is 100% natural and safe.

Organic baby products are good for your baby, as well as for the planet, so say no to non-organic products and select products that keep both, your baby and the planet safe.

Nine Recommendations to Increase Continuity of Mental Health Care For Schizophrenia Patients

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Continuity of therapy is a vital component of quality care for people with serious mental illnesses and must be given more attention by consumers themselves, family members, advocates, providers, administrators, and researchers alike. At the moment, there is an important opportunity to develop a national consensus statement on the principles and practice standards that should form the basis of a continuum of therapy designed to provide realistic assurance that consumers can access vital medications when and where they are needed. Important strides have been made in identifying the specific factors which promote continuity of therapy - it is time to seize this important opportunity as yet another stepping stone to achieving the transformation of America's mental health care system for the benefit of consumers and their families, our communities, and our Nation. A roundtable of mental health experts has developed a set of nine recommendations for enhancing continuity of medication therapy for persons with schizophrenia or serious mental illness, including schizophrenia. They are as follows:

Mental Healthcare Recommendation #1 -

Encourage collaborations between hospitals and community-based organizations. Use fiscal incentives to foster collaborations including the standardization of information and shared electronic health records.

Mental Healthcare Recommendation #2 -

Use a quality improvement approach to enhance continuity of therapy by benchmarking at the organizational level performance and outcomes standards regarding continuity of care.

Mental Healthcare Recommendation #3 -

Ensure all consumers have a level of care management for the transition from inpatient to community. Care management services should be reimbursable by all payers and the disincentives to providing it should be removed.

Mental Healthcare Recommendation #4 -

Hospitals and community providers should focus on the "Pull Model" of transition from inpatient to outpatient care. The Pull Model focuses on involving community-based providers in the transition planning process from the beginning. Provider organizations should focus on staff competency in engagement and strategies and motivational interviewing.

Mental Healthcare Recommendation #5 -

Accreditation standards should be aligned to address and improve continuity of therapy in treating serious mental illness. This may include developing standards to ensure evidence of an active process of care management and transition between levels of care, a quality review of the success of transition plans, and measuring engagement.

Mental Healthcare Recommendation #6 -

Consumers and their families should be educated about the benefits of maintaining their personal health care history. Ensuring that consumers have detailed information about their illnesses and treatment history will help ensure that providers have access to the information they need to provide appropriate care in a timely manner. The options here range from simple paper and pencil logs and medication histories to electronic records on memory sticks.

Mental Healthcare Recommendation #7 -

Consumer-driven recovery planning should include and the appropriate and necessary use of hospitalization. More thoughtful use of inpatient services could lead to a reduction in emergency room use and ultimately to a decrease in the number of hospitalizations.

Mental Healthcare Recommendation #8 -

Parties who collect data about mental health services and performance should share it with appropriate stakeholders in usable and timely ways. Many payers and public entities collect both population and individual specific information about mental health consumers and services. Population-based data should be shared with all stakeholders, including families and consumers to aid in enhancing the system of care.

Mental Healthcare Recommendation #9 -

There should be meaningful involvement of consumers and their advocates in all levels of system delivery and evaluation. Global involvement of consumers and their advocates in the care delivery process is essential. Examples include using peer specialists as part of a treatment team, active involvement in policy and planning, as well as involvement in developing and implementing performance measurement and evaluation.

Applying these Mental Healthcare Recommendations -

While we have learned that maintaining continuity of therapy has a positive impact on consumer outcomes, the barriers and other impediments to ensuring this continuum of care have been long entrenched in mental health and related care systems. An unacceptably high number of people with serious psychiatric issues - including schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder - are "falling between the cracks" in the transition between acute inpatient settings and the community causing harm and disruption in their own lives and those of their families and often bringing their recovery process to a halt.

A continuity of therapy initiative is likely to decrease inappropriate use of emergency room services by consumers with schizophrenia or other serious mental illnesses by assuring consistency in the disease management approach used by all community provider organizations. Both of these likely outcomes of continuity of therapy provide cost reductions for the hospital and cost offset for the investments in continuity of therapy initiative and related therapies.

In addition, the continuity of therapy initiative provides the community hospital with another very tangible benefit. The continuity of therapy initiative provides the relationships, process, and infrastructure for an overall discharge planning functionality for all consumers with mental illnesses. This discharge planning functionality is a new, and critical, element in modern behavioral health standards that began in 2007.

Alternative Therapies & Medicines

Monday, 22 July 2013

Alternative health/medicine is a branch of healing methodologies used by various peoples the world over for the treatment of illness, pain management, and accompanying symptoms. Alternative health practitioners believe in the close interrelation between body, mind, and spirit and the relationship between these that form the groundwork for holistic health.

Alternative healing is based predominantly on the "natural healing model" which emphasizes the use of natural herbs, foods, exercise, and energy healing or indigenous therapies to promote health. They are generally non-invasive and nature based and can include anything from aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, magnetic therapy, yoga, meditation, and many other techniques used by civilizations for thousands of years. Many modern cultures continue to use alternative treatment to complement modern medical treatment as these traditions are steeped in cultural traditions and/or because of the high cost of Westernized medicine and pharmaceuticals; and, because they work. In fact, Dr. Andrew Weil, a prominent American medical doctor, is popularizing a growing form of Western medicine called Integrated Medicine. This new way of thinking is a beautiful marriage between traditional and indigenous therapies, modern energy healing, and Western medicine.

Why is it called complementary and alternative medicine?

Thousands of years ago, these were the only known treatments prior to the discovery of penicillin, antibiotics, and all other modern medical treatments used in medical institutions today. Alternative Medicine is the original medicine. However, the advent of modern medical treatments pushed aside the use of these types of therapies but they are now coming back due to the short-comings of modern medicine to provide healing in many circumstances (especially when dealing with chronic pain and illness) and the revolutionary discoveries in quantum science. These quantum studies are once again starting to validate indigenous and alternative therapies and, when used alone or in place of conventional treatments, they are known as complementary and alternative medicine.

What is holistic medicine?

Many of these alternative medicine treatments emphasize the interrelation of the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health that are what make up whole person. These parts of the human condition when in harmony create a state of health in the individual. When one part of the system is thrown out of balance or "falls apart" then the other two are forced to overcompensate and over a period of time they too also fail or are deeply affected - hence the reason for using holistic health treatment. Holistically speaking, the part of the person that is in illness can be healed by building up or strengthening the other parts thus taking the pressure off the ill part and allowing the it to heal more effectively. For example, a stressed out and overworked body can be healed by alleviating mental or emotional stress thus letting the body function more readily and to rest more easily. As we know, a stressed mind leads to a stressed out body.

Alternative medical systems are built upon complete systems of theory and practice. Most of these practices evolved way before the discovery of conventional medical approaches. However, many alternative medical systems have been developed in Western cultures within the last century, including homeopathic medicine and naturopathic medicine. Systems originating from the East and popularized as modern alternative treatments are traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Mind-Body based therapies utilize various techniques aimed to enhance the mind's capacity to stimulate natural healing, affect bodily functions, and alleviate symptoms. Many, if not all of these, are rooted in healing practices that came from cultures existing thousands of years ago. Often, they were first used in Eastern cultures and have become mainstream. Practices such as the many forms of yoga now practiced all around the world are good examples of this. Other alternative therapies of this kind are meditation, Reiki, Pranic Healing, hypnosis, and emerging therapies that use creative media (art, dance, and music) such as art therapy, movement therapy and sound or music therapy.

Manipulative and Body-based techniques that are considered alternative therapies are Alexander Technique, Rolfing or Structural Integration, Cranial Sacral, and chiropractic. It's important to recognize that chiropractic care just a few years ago was looked upon as dangerous and fringe medicine. All types of massage from Thai to Swedish and everything in between also fall under this category.

Biological Based Therapies make use of substances naturally found in nature including herbs, foods, and vitamins and plant and animal matter. The popular use of dietary supplements, vitamins, and herbal products, including other natural medicines fall into this category. Scientist are constantly proving that certainly foods, vitamins, minerals, etc. are useful in fighting disease such as the broccoli cancer connection or the wine heart attack connection. Often, indigenous food, mineral, vitamin therapies have a 50/50 track record in their effectiveness such as the debunked idea that shark fin can cure cancer or the successful re-discovery of anti-oxidant foods for alkalizing the body.

Energy Therapies intend to target the energy fields that are found all over the human body. These are often referred to as Chakras and the quantum scientist Candace Pert is using the Scientific Method to map and further understand these energy centers with us. These therapies aim at manipulating bio-electric fields or currents within the body through the application of pressure, manipulating the body, or even needles (as in acupuncture). It is thought that the body has a steady even flow of energy moving through it and when an illness occurs this flow is either decreased, diverted, reduced, or overly stimulated thus causing disease. Qi Gong, Thai-Chi, Therapeutic Touch, and Reiki are examples of this natural health therapy.

Improving Your Immunity Naturally - Tips and Therapies For Natural Immune System Health

Friday, 19 July 2013

At all times, but especially during cold and flu season it is wise to keep your immunity strong so you can easily fend off invaders and pathogens that can make you sick.

A good start for using natural health therapies to increase your immunity is to pay attention to how you feel. Know that if you are feeling, tired, sluggish or below your normal energy level you may be fighting off a 'bug' even if you otherwise still feel healthy. Check the lymph nodes about an inch below your jaw bone in line with the the hinge of the jaw. If they are at all swollen or tender this is another sign that your immune system is at work fighting an infection. Now is the time to act!

A many-pronged attack will work best to help you at several different levels. The following are great strategies to employ and doing any of these will help. Doing them all will give you the best chance of staying healthy naturally.

  • King Kong- Thumping on your breast bone a couple inches below your collarbones stimulates your thymus gland which is the major organ of the lymphatic system. This will help drain those swollen lymph nodes and keep your lymph system humming. Do this for about 30 seconds as often as you feel like throughout the day.
  • Tap on your K-27 acupuncture points. This will help revitalize you and help you think more clearly. Always a plus when your head is fogged by illness. To tap on K-27; find your collarbones. Slide your fingers to the middle where there is a bump, drop down an inch and out an inch. There may be an indent or some soreness. Use the tops of 2 or more fingers and tap for about 30 seconds as often as you want throughout the day.
  • Tap on your spleen neurolymphatic points. This will also help to lift your energy and boost your immune system. Find these points by moving your hands directly in line with your nipples below your breasts and down one more rib. Tap as with the K-27 points above. Again, these points may be sensitive.
  • Drink lots of fluids. Staying hydrated is vital to your body functioning at its utmost. And the healing process uses up even more fluids.
  • Get plenty of rest. This is always important. Now it is even more important. Your body needs down time to rejuvenate at the cellular level.
  • Breathe deeply. An oxygen-rich environment is not an environment that bacteria, viruses and other pathogens can survive in.
  • Touch in any form, whether it is massage or more simply being held or having your hair stroked has been shown in numerous studies to improve the immune system. And it feels so nice and comforting.
  • If you have fever, eat 'cooling' foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits. Adding fresh mint and lime to your foods will help open your lung passages.
  • If you are experiencing chills, eat warming foods such as ginger, garlic, and curry. These are best prepared in soups, stews or saut├ęs.

If you consistently use these easy tips and natural health therapies they can be instrumental in helping you return to health and stay healthy naturally in the future.

Alternative Health Therapies Using the Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

If you are interested in alternative health therapies, you may want to learn more about the Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy. This is a therapy that is designed to help balance the energy system of the body. It is done in a non-invasive way and helps to promote healing. This therapy has already provided excellent results for more than a million people and is known to help treat a variety of health conditions. If you want a safe treatment option that is natural and without side effects, then this therapy may be the answer to your medical problems.

History Behind This Alternative Therapy

The history behind this alternative therapy actually goes back about 30 years. Zdenko Domancic is the man behind this therapy; he developed it in Europe. This method of treatment is a type of energy healing that has since been validated scientifically as far back as 1985. To validate this therapy, Domancic was asked to treat 300 patients dealing with advanced gangrene. He used this Bioenergy therapy method and every single patient regained full health. None of the patients had to undergo amputation. Today he treats patients and also teaches others his therapy method at the Domancic clinic located in Kranjska Gora-Slovenia.

How it Works

Wondering how this therapy works? You'll find that the Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy works by taking energy from the universe, which is life sustaining, and using it to help balance the energy that is in the body. This energy is also known as chi or prana. The therapist using this therapy works to remove or add energy to help balance the body and to make the body's immune system begin to work the way it should. This is achieved by balancing the electromagnetic fields physically that are around and inside the body, using life force and highly directed intention.

Benefits of Bioenergy Therapy

According to practitioners of this unique Bioenergy Therapy, there are a variety of benefits that patients enjoy when they undergo this method of therapy. It is known to help eliminate pain and can help to improve any health condition that a person may be dealing with. Another benefit is that it helps to improve the circulation of the body, also helping to balance the organ systems. It even works to strengthen the immune system, which not only helps the body heal itself from current conditions, but it also helps to prevent future health issues as well.

How These Sessions Work

These sessions of Bioenergy Therapy usually last from 15-30 minutes per person. It is recommended that they be done each day, four days in a row. Often they are done in group settings, although they can be done individually as well. Even when done in groups, every client is offered special attention. In fact, it is believed that when therapy is provided within the group, an energy field is created that is stronger, actually causing a healing effect that is stronger and faster. This type of therapy can also be done from a distance effectively, which means you can have the therapy done, even if you live far away from a practitioner. To receive this therapy, all the therapist needs is a recent photo of the patient and together they can schedule a time to rebalance the body. At this point, the body can begin healing itself.

A New Research Database

Learning Resources has recently acquired a new database SCOPUS.

SCOPUS is the largest database for abstracts and citations of peer-reviewed literature on the market with records of 19,500 peer-reviewed publications from around the world.

It covers all subject areas and links to the full text of articles (where the University has a subscription).

The really great thing about SCOPUS is that it provides links to all the references used by an author to write their piece of research so you can find out more about the available research in a particular area. 

It also tells you which other articles have cited a particular source and provides links to these articles, helping you to discover which are the most popular journals when researching a topic. (This will of course, make it easier for you to find the quality material for your topic and help with critical analysis).

You can watch a video about accessing SCOPUS here.

Alternative Health Care is Under Attack by a Hidden Standard - The Unfortunate Case of Dr. Shortt

Sunday, 14 July 2013

A recent case in the news highlights an alarming trend in "alternative"
health care--how difficult it is becoming to both obtain and provide
alternative care in the United States. Dr. James Michael Shortt (an M.D.)
practicing longevity medicine in Greenville, South Carolina, has been sued
by the relatives of a patient who died under his care, and may be indicted
for murder. (AP/LA Times 1-09-05.)

The information in the media concerning this unfortunate case is very
instructive if read with a discerning eye. Dr. Shortt is being sued because
he administered a therapy that is outside "the standards of care of the
medical profession." This phrase is key. Another cause of action in the
lawsuit was that Dr. Shortt had told the patient that her multiple sclerosis
was caused by a bacteria or virus and that the organism(s) could be killed
by hydrogen peroxide infusions. Finally, the coroner and pathologist who
examined the patient attributed her death to "complications caused by the
hydrogen peroxide infusion, which the pathologist said 'had no legitimate
use . . . in the medical literature.' "

The missing data in this homicide ruling is that the patient was taking two
prescriptions prescribed by her mainstream physician--Tegretol and
Copaxone. If you read the Physician's Desk Reference, there are warnings that
both of these substances may cause exactly the kinds of side effects that she
died from. Hydrogen Peroxide does not cause these effects. Even more
disturbing, is that one of these drugs is not approved for use with Multiple
Sclerosis. So who is truly at fault here? (If you want the technical
details, please contact Dr. Richards directly.)

Dr. Shortt consulted with the International Oxidative Medicine Association,
which developed the regimens he used. The group found that Dr. Shortt had
followed its "well-established" protocols. These protocols are clinically
established in thousands of patients. Dr. Shortt himself has treated over
1,800 patients with this protocol.

The issues here that are highlighted within this unfortunate set of
circumstances are:

1) The legal establishment makes the assumption that the medical
profession has proven treatments and, more importantly, the only legal
treatments for conditions of human health.

If you've been following the news, you know how fallacious this is. Vioxx
is only the latest example of a substance, approved for use, that has proven
to be life-threatening. Where was "the medical literature" when this drug
was approved for use? How did it achieve acceptance without better
scrutiny? I predict that we will soon have another scandal in the news -
statins and the way in which they cause heart failure.

2) The medical profession uses its peer review process to decide
what information and research enters the public realm and becomes part of
the accepted "medical literature".

Any information that is outside the medical paradigm (read alternative
therapies) is systematically shut out by peer review and never gets
published in medically accepted journals. I can give you hundreds of
references documenting the link between Lyme disease and over 350 chronic
health conditions. But, the medical profession chooses to selectively
ignore them.

3) Most of the research in the United States is funded by the
pharmaceutical industry. Natural remedies, which cannot be patented,
provide no profit incentive to the pharmaceutical houses and are, therefore,
ignored - even though they are safer in many cases than the approved drugs.
There is a large body of research work in Europe and in Asia on the efficacy
of many "natural" remedies that simply do not show up here in the U.S.

4) There are a wide variety of conditions for which the medical
profession has no etiology. MS is one. There is research showing that many
of these conditions are linked to the Lyme disease parasite; however, the
medical profession is busy pretending that wide spread Lyme disease doesn't
exist, despite massive amounts of evidence to the contrary. MS has been
specifically linked to the Lyme organism (for example, Fallon BA, Kochevar
JM, Gaito A., Nields JA, "The Underdiagnosis of neuropsychiatric Lyme
disease in children and adults," Psych Clin North Am., 1998,
Sep;21(3):693-703. From the Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University
Medical Center, New York, New York. The abstract specifically references
the connection between Lyme Disease and multiple sclerosis.)

I personally believe that the medical profession is fighting for its
credibility, because there are so many conditions for which they have no
effective treatment. Whenever possible, the full weight of the medical
board and the legal system is brought to bear on any medical practitioner
who dares to buck the system. Dr. Shortt is only the latest in a long line
of distinguished predecessors.

The only solution that I can see to this dilemma is that the public become
informed about what is going on and start a grass roots movement to oppose
this entrenched power grab. Your health and your health care freedom depend
upon it.

--Dr. N. Rowan Richards, D.C., D.A.B.C.I., F.I.A.C.A.

Improving Your Overall Health With Enzyme Therapy

Friday, 12 July 2013

Improving your overall health starts with being health conscious, making smart lifestyle choices and focusing on preventative care. Today's fast-paced economy has created a mindset of instant gratification even when health is involved. People want to take a pill and instantly feel a difference, and many do not see value in preventative therapies unless they see a problem first. With poor lifestyle choices today consisting of fad diets, eating processed foods, taking prescription medication, consuming alcohol, over indulging in sweets and artificial sweeteners, the body is working in overdrive to rid itself of toxins and reduce body-wide inflammation. If more time was spent focusing on natural alternatives to prevent illness rather than reacting to illness and treating with prescription drugs, the world would be a healthier place.

The truth is, most people are not aware how good their body is actually designed to feel. This is where enzyme therapy comes into play. For most healthy individuals, our bodies naturally produce an optimal amount of enzymes until we reach our mid- to late-twenties. As we know, some people in their forties may be healthier than someone in their twenties. This can be a result of lifestyle choices, which can effect enzyme production from person to person.

So what are enzymes and why are they vital to your health? Enzymes are biocatalysts or proteins necessary for nearly 3000-4000 of the chemical reactions within our body that are associated with metabolic functions, digestion, detoxification, healthy immune system functioning, growth and natural healing. What does this ultimately mean? It means enzymes help other things work throughout the body. People over the age of 30 have an increased likelihood of enzyme deficiency, which may lead to greater chances of health issues and illnesses {5}.

When people think of enzymes, they most often think digestion. However, there are two different types of enzymes: digestive enzymes and systemic enzymes. Digestive enzymes are taken with a meal and help support overall digestive health by breaking down the food a person eats while also helping to improve nutrient absorption.

Many people are enzyme deficient and do not even know it. According to the National Institute of Health, "60 to 70 million people in America suffer from some type of digestive disorder. People who suffer from poor digestive health are commonly linked to low energy, excessive gas, poor skin health, joint pain, inflammation, weight-gain, weak immune system, heartburn and bloating following meals" {9}. Whether a person is looking to improve their digestive health or may be avoiding certain foods that commonly aggravate the gastrointestinal tract, implementing a well-balanced digestive enzyme complex ensure the body is properly breaking down fats, carbohydrates, proteins into small substrates that can be utilized for energy production throughout the day.

Much different than the role of a digestive enzyme is a systemic enzyme. Systemic enzymes work to support the body as a whole. They are most notably knows for their five main functions: natural anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrin, blood cleansing, immune system modulating and virus fighting. When considering a systemic enzyme supplement, it is important to look at the proprietary blend and delivery system. In order to ensure maximum absorption of activity, an enteric-coated delivery system is ideal which will protect the enzyme activity until the optimal time of release. The enteric-coated delivery system allows it to get past the stomach and into the small intestine without losing enzyme activity, which allows for better absorption.

Proteolytic enzymes or "protein eating enzymes" are the first line of defense against body wide inflammation, which may spread throughout the body to all major organs. Inflammation is a reaction by the immune system to an irritation which often results in pain, swelling or tenderness. Conventional medicine still tends to use pharmaceutical drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen to reduce inflammation. However, synthetic drugs have many side effects, both minor and severe, that often hinder long-term use in many people. A well-balanced Systemic Enzyme blend will naturally replenish the many enzymes the body uses to fight inflammation and aid in the repair of damaged tissue {1,3,4,6,8}.

Did you know that nearly all injuries and operations result in inflammatory reactions and build up of excess scar tissue which causes pain and swelling? It is a natural protective response to injuries and trauma on a cellular level. However, if the inflammation is not resolved ore reduced in the acute stage, it can become a chronic inflammatory problem {1,4,6}. When caring for injuries and during recovery following an operation, "it is important to apply medications for reducing the swelling and anti-inflammatory as well as fibrinolytic agents. If possible, such treatment should produce no adverse effects and should further the healing process of the organism" {10}. A safe and effective Systemic Enzyme formula, like Innerzyme's Pain & Inflammation Blend, offers a natural solution for post-operative scar tissue, inflammation, and pain following sports injuries and surgery whether recent or fifteen plus years ago.

In addition to it's anti-fibrin properties, systemic enzymes are also known for their ability to cleanse the blood of excess fibrin and exogenous material. Cleaner blood means better nutrient absorption and improved circulation. So how do these toxins and fibrin get into the blood in the first place? The organs and cells in our bodies dispose of these materials in our blood, which can cause clots, poor circulation, blood thickening and other health issues {2}.

How about immune system support and the ability to fight off viruses? Systemic enzymes assist the body to balance the immune system and restore a steady state to the body. A low functioning immune system means the body is more susceptible to disease. However, an extremely high functioning immune system will often create antibodies that attach the tissues within the body such as with autoimmune diseases or arthritis. Supplementation of a well-balanced systemic enzyme may help regulate the immune system and eat away at those antibodies that are attacking the body's tissue creating a disease state within the body {7}.

When it comes to viruses, protein cell walls build up around a virus and then bond together and replicate to cause harm throughout the body. The body knows what the body needs and these harmful protein walls are definitely not needed. The good thing about enzymes is they already know what protein to leave alone and what "foreign" protein to attack and eat away in order to inhibit the replication of the virus {7}.

Dr. Eli Hammer, Medical Director of The Hammer Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, states, "I have used systemic enzymes extensively in my practice along with taking them personally for a few years, seeing dramatic reductions in pain and inflammation, and therefore, significant improvements in quality of life. Of all the systemic enzyme brands on the market, I truly believe Innerzyme has finally optimized the proper enzyme blend, while also vastly improving upon the delivery system for better efficacy and ease of administration" {3}.

Someone who lives a healthy lifestyle comprised of a balanced diet, regular exercise and proper nutritional supplementation will ultimately help their body to maintain wellness and regulate efficiently.

By Katie Jodscheidt, CPT, National Academy of Sports Medicine


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10. Wrba, H. & Pecher, O. Enzymes: A Drug of the Future. Ecomed Verlagsgesellschaft AG & Co., 1993. Print.

Choose Organic: Your Health Is Worth It

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Have you ever wondered how important it is to eat organic foods? Can foods farmed with pesticides really be that bad for your health? The answer is yes: Every day researchers find more evidence of the terrible health consequences of the pesticides we are exposed to through the foods we eat.

Unfortunately, it is easy to unknowingly eat pesticides. According to the experts at the EPA even the most careful cook cannot get rid of all the pesticides in conventionally grown fruits and vegetables. Thoroughly washing and peeling all of your food is a good idea but will not eliminate all pesticide residues. While the small doses of chemicals that remain in your food are not immediately toxic, over time, they can build up in your body and lead to very serious health problems. We don't completely understand the long term effects of all pesticides but there is already enough evidence out there to know that they are definitely bad for your health. Here are a few examples:

Scientists believe that certain pesticides can mimic human hormones such as oestrogen. Exposure can alter your body's natural hormonal balance and eventually increase your risk of developing certain hormone related cancers such as prostate and breast cancer.

Breast and prostate cancer are not the only cancers to worry about. Studies often associate non-Hodgkin lymphoma as well as leukemia with pesticide exposure.

Pregnant mothers and their children are especially vulnerable to pesticides which can cause miscarriages and abnormal fetal development. Mothers can also pass harmful chemicals to their children through their breast milk.

Three recent studies conducted in New York City and Salinas valley, California show that children exposed to pesticides while still in their mother's womb grow up to have an IQ that is on average 7 points lower that unexposed children.

In recent years multiple studies have also linked exposure to pesticides with a dramatic increase in the risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

The good news is that there is a simple way for you to keep your kitchen free of pesticides and improve your health: Choose organic products. Certified organic foods are guaranteed to be grown in uncontaminated soil without the use of synthetic pesticides. You can also work toward a healthier living environment by supporting organic farmers and retailers in your community.Organics are better for the earth and the rest of the environment, including all the other creatures who share our planet. Pesticides remain in the environment long after they are applied and continue to do harm. Why be a part of this cycle?

The Popularity of Alternative Health Therapies

Saturday, 6 July 2013

You were strolling and window shopping when you came across a boutique with a signboard that says, "Available: Alternative Health Medicines and Therapies". Out of curiosity, you entered the shop. You saw boxes and bottles with capsules and tablets of organic medicine. There were cartons of tea and coffee bags on one rack, and pots of gingko capsules on the other.

As you approached the counter, you noticed a list of health therapies. Yoga, tai chi, qigong - name it, they have it. You inquired about the effects of herbal medicine and therapies on the body and mind. The sales assistant shared about these methods' benefits to human health. She even recommended some herbal medication for the ailments you've been suffering.

Chances are, you talked to a herbologist who believes in alternative health therapy. Herbologists specialize in studying herbal medicine. The use of herbal medicine has become increasingly common these days. Although these medications are not cure-alls, doctors begin to recognize the positive effects of organic or herbal medicine on the body and mind.

In the United States, the government has enlisted various forms of herbal medicine in the catalog of dietary supplements for consumption. Herbal dietary supplements contain a single dose of herbs or a mixture of organic medications. They provide necessary vitamins and minerals. Likewise, they help remove toxins and harmful chemicals from the body. Fruit formulas and green tea extracts regenerate body cells. They strengthen the immune system, prevent diseases, and slow down the effects of aging.

Herbal dietary supplements come in various forms. They are solidified in tablets, enclosed in capsules, mixed in tea bags, and blended with coffee beans. Studies show that 17.7% of Americans have used alternative health therapies as dietary supplements and medications.

The most common organic medications include flaxseed oil and ginseng extract. Flaxseed oil is a good source of omega-6 and omega-9 minerals. Ginseng-rich alternative health therapies aid in weight loss and the improvement of the body's metabolism. Chinese ginseng boosts energy, strength, and endurance. Approximately 15% of Americans have used flaxseed oil and ginseng to supplement proper diet and healthy lifestyles.

alternative health therapies continue to gain popularity not only on the American market, but also in the global medical arena. Manufacturers develop more herbal and organic products that could be used to supplement conventional medications.

Natural Health Therapies and Cancer - Part II

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

This article is part of a series on Natural Health Therapies and Cancer. The material presented is meant to inform you of complementary cancer therapies that are available in the medical community. These therapies are to be used in cooperation with other cancer treatment methods. They are not meant to be done in place of your physician's care. In the last article, we covered the basics of cancer - what it is, what causes it, what are its various types and stages. This article will focus on the aspect of Dietary Changes and Nutritional Supplements as a form of cancer therapy.

Aside from tobacco and smoking, there is no greater factor for triggering and promoting cancer than diet and nutrition. When used correctly, diet and nutrition are also the factors that have the highest ability to reverse cancer. According to the National Academy of Sciences, 40% of all cancer in men may be directly related to diet. The statistics are even worse for women; 60% of all cancers in women may be linked to nutritional factors.

As I've pointed out in other articles, what we eat is important to our health. Equally important is what we don't eat. Our society has turned from a natural, raw food diet to a highly processed and refined diet. The average American meal consists of high-fat, high-protein, low-fiber foods in oversized portions. Our fast-paced society even calls some of them a 'Value Meal.' Where's the value? The nationwide increase in cancer has been parallel to the decline in our eating habits.

Several areas of our society's diet are excessive. In clinical studies, these excesses have been found to significantly increase cancer risks. The key sections of the American diet that contribute to cancer are:

· Excessive intake of animal protein (meat, cheese, dairy) - can increase the risk for cancer in the breast, colon, pancreas, kidney, prostate, and endometrium; certain preparation and cooking techniques (such as pickling, smoking, frying) add to the cancer risks; fatty meats contain higher levels of carcinogenic pesticides

· Intake of contaminated fish - mercury, nickel, oil, and PCBs found in many marketplace fish; 1/10 of a teaspoon of PCBs is enough to cause illness or cancer

· Excessive fat intake - can increase risk for cancer of the breast, colon, rectum, uterus, prostate, and kidney; partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are considered major problems along with insufficient intake of healthy Omega-3 fats

· Excessive intake of refined carbohydrates and table sugar - lowers immune system function; elevates insulin levels (which can promote breast cancer); tumors thrive in a high-glucose environment

· Excessive intake of iron - associated with red meat, fortified breads and pastas; cooking in iron pots and skillets can add to your iron exposure

· Excessive intake of alcohol - can increase risk for cancer in the breast, mouth, throat, pancreas, liver, head and neck; alcohol suppresses Natural Killer cells that help repel cancer

· Excessive intake of caffeine - cancer rates are higher for those who drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day; caffeine can cause DNA damage, adding to cancer risk

Although it looks like our diets doom us to destruction, there are steps we can take to reduce the cancer risk. Here are some ways to combat and prevent cancer through some simple changes in your diet -

· Eat more fruits and vegetables

· Drink green tea, fresh juices

· Eat nuts, seeds, legumes

· Avoid all red meats, dairy products, eggs and shellfish

· Avoid refined, sugary foods

· Avoid caffeine and alcohol

· Avoid all vegetable oils especially hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils

· Use olive, pumpkin seed, flaxseed, walnut, and sesame oils

· Avoid margarine, fried foods, creamy sauces and dressings

· Eat salmon, halibut, red snapper, and flounder for healthy Omega-3 fats

· Avoid cooking in iron or aluminum cookware

· Use stainless steel or glass cookware

· Avoid microwave use, particularly with plastic containers

· Eat organically-grown foods when possible

More advanced nutritional therapies include Vegan and Macrobiotic diets. These nutritional regimens consist of raw, natural foods and specific food preparation techniques. These diets are used to help cleanse the digestive system, allowing the elimination of excessive toxins.

Nutritional supplements can play a major role in cancer prevention and cancer therapy. There are many different approaches being practiced successfully. For example, antioxidants, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Alpha-Lipoic-Acid combat the free radical damage associated with cancer. Sea vegetables such as kombu are linked to a lower breast cancer rate in Japanese women. Garlic appears to boost the Natural Killer cell function and block cancer cells in the bloodstream. Certain types of digestive enzymes can be used to break down the protective coating on certain cancer cells. Minerals such as selenium, magnesium, calcium, and zinc are also used in varying dosages for certain cancer therapies.

As you may know, my PhD research is on the connection between nutrition and health. I'm concentrating on the importance of 8 basic carbohydrates called glyconutrients that help the cells communicate properly. 'Glyco' means sugar and these 8 simple sugars are involved in every cell interaction. The relatively new scientific field of glycobiology is making amazing discoveries on the impact of these simple sugars on our health. The studies show that many of these glyconutritional sugars, such as fucose, inhibit growth and/or tumor cell metastasis in certain cancers. The inhibition of cancer growth by glyconutritional sugars, such as mannose, appears to be partially related to immune system activation of Natural Killer cells, the white blood cell that destroys cancer cells. Research also demonstrates that glyconutritional sugars appear to inhibit tumor cell metastasis by preventing the attachment of tumor cells to normal cells. They do this by competing for glyconutritional sugar binding sites on the cell surfaces.

I personally know individuals that have had outstanding results against cancer with the use of these nutrients. Various glyconutrients are traditionally found in mother's breast milk, pectin from apples and oranges, specific types of mushrooms, and limu. However, most of these glyconutrients are not in our diets. Luckily, our bodies can manufacture many of these nutrients through a lengthy metabolic process. Unfortunately, the effects of stress, medications, and other environmental factors make this process difficult and prone to errors. For that reason as well as the nutrition lost from the over-processing of our foods, the only way to insure that you get all 8 glyconutrients is through nutritional supplements. For additional information on glyconutritional supplements, you may also refer to material posted at www.glycoscience.com or at www.glycoinformation.com. You can also research these nutrients on PubMed under glycobiology or by name of the sugar such as fucose, mannose, etc.

A couple of good books for Cancer and Nutrition that I recommend are:
Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin, Ph.D., and Director of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Options: The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book by R. Walters

Alternatives in Cancer Therapy by R. Pelton and L. Overholser

Sugars that Heal by Dr. Emil Mendoa, MD

"Education is the best provision for the journey to old age" - Aristotle

Upcoming Workshops

Monday, 1 July 2013

I am currently putting together a programme of drop-in workshops for social science undergraduate dissertations and honours projects. All workshops are optional - come along if you're interested.

  • 9th July 11.00 - 12.00 Doing Your Dissertation / Honours Project. P1.39, Polhill Campus. Choosing & focusing your dissertation topic, beginning your research & evaluating your results.
  • 10th July 11.00 - 12.00 Dissertation Clinic, Tr2 Polhill Campus Library. Drop-in for a chat & ask any questions you might have about researching your dissertation / honours project.
  • 16th July 11.00 - 12.00 Researching Your Dissertation / Honours Project with DISCOVER. P1.39, Polhill Campus. Using DISCOVER to find research material, using the limiting features, saving your results & setting up alerts.
  • 17th July 11.00 - 12.00 Beyond DISCOVER for Social Science Students, Tr2 Polhill Campus Library. Finding research material on the web. 
  • 23rd July 11.00 - 12.00 Referencing with RefWorks, Tr1 Polhill Campus Library. How to set up & use RefWorks, the reference management software to store useful references & automatically generate lists of references, in Harvard UoB format.
  • 24th July 11.00 -12.00 Referencing with RefWorks, Tr2, Polhill Campus Library. How to set up & use RefWorks, the reference management software to store useful references & automatically generate lists of references in Harvard UoB format. Repeat/refresher of session on 23rd.
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