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Library 24:7 Opening 365 Days Per Year

Monday, 30 September 2013

Bedford, Polhill Library will now open 24 hours per day 365 days a year. So will Luton, University Square LRC.

Please note: Although the Library buildings are open 24:7 this does not mean that library staff are available 24 hours per day. If you wish to check that someone will be available to help you please telephone: (01234) 793 189

Achieve Ultimate Weight Loss,Health & Fitness Success Implementing Simple Yet Vital Principles

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Don't we all want to look and feel better, prevent disease and illness, live a longer more vital life and improve the quality of their life in every way possible too?
I have found through my experience as a fitness professional that the best Fitness/Wellness Programs are those designed to help you achieve your goals in the most effective, healthy and time-efficient way possible.
I'd like to share some important and vital steps toward Obtaining Weight Loss and better Health and Fitness Success.

Optimum Nutrition: Fitness results or fat-loss efforts are best if you don't ever skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The right breakfast is key. You should be eating three nutritionally balanced meals each day, and you should have at least two or three healthy snacks. This keeps your metabolic furnace fueled, so you burn additionally at a faster rate. Healthy fats are necessary to your body for a bunch of reasons: regulating hormonal production, improving immune function, lowering total cholesterol, lubricating joints, and providing the basics for healthy hair, nails and skin. If you are a committed consistent exerciser you should eat a gram of protein per 1 pound of your weight. So if you weigh 120 Lbs. you should eat approximately 120 grams of protein per day. The majority of your carbohydrates should come from vegetables and fruit.

Remember the ones with high water content like, grapefruit, tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe and strawberries, will fill you up nicely. Eliminate junk foods. Fried foods and white, refined sugar and breads are junk. If you're trying to lose weight and reduce fat, merely abolish these foods totally from your diet. Drink ample amounts of fresh water. The recommended amount is approximately 8 glasses, or 64 ounces, of water every day. You need to drink even more when you are exercising. Eat frequently throughout the day. You need to be eating three nutritionally balanced meals each day with two to three healthy snacks in between. Your metabolic furnace will be continually fueled and you'll burn additionally at a faster rate. This seems contrary to what we've all been brain washed to believe in the past, but this is the absolute truth.

Dynamic exercise: Set some short-term goals. This enables you to stay on top of your progress and keep you motivated when you don't feel like exercising. A key fitness "secret" is to keep a journal of your cardio and resistance training workouts, as well as your daily nutritional intake to insure your fitness success. Don't miss your exercise engagement with yourself. Don't waist time and more importantly chance injury by exercising incorrectly. Get well-informed on the absolute best ways to exercise. I always recommend hiring a personal trainer to create a program for you and teach you how and what exercises to do correctly. Statistics prove that those who comprehend how to exercise properly get the best results faster. Always stretch first before your work outs. Some benefits of stretching are improved flexibility, better blood flow and muscle recovery, eases low back pain and numerous other things. For maximum fat-loss you need to make your cardiovascular exercise low intensity.

Your heart rate during cardio exercise should not exceed 60% to 75% of your maximum heart rate. Try wearing a simple heart rate monitor during exercise so you always stay in your peak fat-burning range. Take it easy in the beginning of your fitness program. There needs to be a conditioning period before it is safe to move forward more aggressively. Start with two days per week of 30-minute light resistance training (using weights or resistance machines) then cautiously and consistently add more days for a more enhanced outcome. Always work the largest muscle groups with compound resistance movements. This means it incorporates multiple muscle groups at one time and in one exercise.

Resistance (weights or machines) is the best and quickest way to lose fat and tone and firm your body. When you have advanced your fitness level, exercising should get somewhat more rigorous. Endorphins will rush through your veins in an intense workout providing you with the "feel good" drug or "euphoria" that will keep you coming back for more. Try to appreciate the experience and truly enjoy the process. Developing the habit is the hardest part. But I promise if you give it thirty days at least, of your earnest efforts and patients, a little investment of time will pay off with an abundance of healthy and happy befits forever.

Hormonal Balance: Many people complain that they don't see any weight loss, improved strength, fat reduction in spite of consistent nutrition and exercise programs. This can be truly frustrating. I, my self being 43 years of age have experienced a little of this frustration as well and am now seeing wonderful results after getting my hormones into balance through natural hormone replacement therapy. Hormone (thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and Human Growth Hormone) deficiency is responsible for many of the symptoms of aging. Severe deficiency over prolonged periods of time might result in illness, physical impairment, disabilities, morbidity and mortality. You can literally turn back time, turn back your biological clock 20 years... enhance your sexual performance, remove wrinkles, excess body pattern fat, restore hair color and growth, strengthen your immune system, increase energy and cardiac output, rejuvenate your body and mind, revitalize your heart, liver, kidneys and lungs through current state of the art , anti-aging techniques which includes avoidance of risk factors of disease, optimum nutrition, Dynamic exercise and Training, caloric restrictions, antioxidant therapy, and if necessary hormone replacement.

Hormone replacement therapy is relatively easy to treat and is readily available today. Numerous scientific studies over the past thirty years or more have proven it's effectiveness in the reversing of the mal effects of old age.

Positive Motivation: Every single thing is the result of thought, and must first be in the mind of the person creating it before the manifestation of the material can exist. Our bodies, success and happiness are unconsciously hereditary patterns and are our subconscious impressions. When we consciously direct our thoughts to our own desires we do this by the same law and our results are just as absolute.

Positive affirmations are fabulous to repeat to yourself daily to insure a successful, positive creation. Affirmations imprint on your subconscious mind what you want to manifest in the present and future. Fix in your mind the mental image or pattern of what you want to manifest or create and it is sure to be realized in the material world. Visualize a mental picture of physical perfection, picture every detail and repeat; 10 times each, 10 times daily. I AM young, beautiful, healthy, happy, harmonious, loving and successful in all areas of my life. You can create your own script for your perfect mental picture or pattern of your hopes, dreams and desires: Repeat your affirmations while looking in the mirror at yourself with love and kindness.

Repetition is the key to yourself and success. Do this faithfully, honestly, rigorously, gratefully and consistently and add with it a daily routine of true spiritual practices and meditation, health, fitness and sound nutritional practices, SYNERGISTICALLY woven into your life and the universal laws will never betray you.

To Your Absolute Success and Health
Sole De Vive~
Jeanette Clinger-Hurley, cpt, can. Health and fitness product innovator 801.427-2391

Chiropractic Is An Excellent Alternative Health Care System

Friday, 27 September 2013

The word chiropractic refers to a specialized health care occupation dealing with the loco motor system which is the muscle and skeleton network of humans that allow us to move. Many common ailments are attributed to neurological problems caused by skeletal and muscular misalignment.

Chiropractors do not normally employ any medication in their treatment and manipulate the muscles and spine to relieve any compressed nerve causing the pain. Chiropractors can diagnose a wide variety of ailments and are able to refer patients for physio therapy or other forms of rehabilitation. They may also recommend changes to the diet and provide options for changing a persons daily routine.

Customarily a chiropractor will manipulate the spine with his hands using pressure at certain points of the back to readjust the spine. This manipulation helps to restore the vertebrae and to its correct position and relieve the associated pain. A patient may need more than one consultation to rectify the ailment as it could be a slow process to realign the spine than is badly twisted.

The injuries to a spine are often associated with a severe injury or incorrect posture and lifting methods employed when picking up heavy objects. A chemical change occurs in the surrounding tissue which in turn is responsible for the discomfort and pain a person will experience.

There is not often much pain associated with the treatment given by the chiropractor, although a mild pain or stiffness may be felt for a few days. Much of this pain and stiffness would resolve itself with a little exercise that the practitioner could suggest.

Lower back pain is often treated by chiropractors and may be the principal way of providing any relief. Muscle and spine manipulation may assist in the treatment of other unrelated illnesses and could improve the convalescence of a patient.

Stroke patients often need to have the top two vertebrae manipulated due to the trauma. Accident victims are also often assessed and treated for spinal injuries because of the chiropractors expertise and training.

There is far less risk from going to a chiropractor than using medication and other commonly used treatments for certain ailments. It is well worth the effort of consulting the professional when suffering from debilitating back pain or tingling of the extremities.

In some states the chiropractor has to receive written consent from the patient prior to any treatment commencing. Perhaps not a bad thing but then it should include any medical profession.

Many medical coverage schemes exclude chiropractors from their preferred suppliers list and will not honour any claims for treatment. This is an unfortunate state of affairs which is forcing many people with spinal and muscular ailments to avoid going for treatment if they have to pay for it.

The chiropractic profession is an honourable and perfectly safe alternate health system. Medical insurers need to take the blinkers off and recognise the profession for what it is worth in today's society. There are many serious ailments that would cost the insurance company much less to cover than traditional healing or hospitalization.

Short Term and Long Term Effects of Amphetamine Drug Abuse

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Amphetamines, one of the most addictive drugs available, are a group of active psychostimulators. They are so called because, when abused, they result in increased production of neurotransmitters in central nervous system, mainly Dopamine and Noradrenaline (norepinephrine). This activity results in increased sense of alertness, focus, energy, euphoria in the drug abused individual. It is also supposed to decrease the sense of fatigue, sleepiness and appetite in the individuals.

A small or limited amount of the drug is used to treat psychological disorders, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFT). But if taken in high doses or without prescription, the drug is found to have very serious effects on human body. These effects may be for long term or short term.

The short term and long term ill effects of Amphetamine drug abuse on human body are as follows:

Short-term effects
An individual consuming Amphetamines regularly will have high chances of getting addicted to it. This is because of the sense of high energy and well-being that is created in the minds of individual. Amphetamines are so dangerous that the individual is prone to ill effects of drug abuse, in the initial stages itself. Some of the effects that can be noticed during the initial phase of drug administration are:

• Anorexia
• Hyperactivity
• Fatigue
• Dilated pupils
• Blurred vision
• Dizziness
• Elevated heartbeat
• Headache
• Lack of appetite
• Rapid breathing
• Restlessness
• Increased alertness

These short term effects are an indication for the individual to cease the intake of the drug. On identifying the short term effects, an individual should immediately seek good treatment to avoid many serious consequences further.

Long-term effects
Individuals, who overlook the short term effects of the drug, might be inviting many fatal consequences. Prolonged drug administration takes a toll on all the functions of the body. It is mainly found to have a serious impact on central nervous and cardio vascular systems of the human body. The individuals addicted to this drug are found to be more susceptible to Parkinson's disease. The disease resistant power in the individuals is also found to decrease. Apart from these, the other problems which arise are:

• Psychiatic disorders
• Cognitive disorders
• Neurotoxicity
• Psychosis
• Schizophrenia

Long term administration of drug also makes an individual resistant to any kind of drug treatments, which ultimately takes away the chance from an individual to better his/her life. As most of the long term effects are deathly, an individual should take precautionary measures in the initial stages of drug abuse or better stay away from those things.

Amphetamines, because of their addictive nature, make it hard for an individual to withdraw the drug abuse. A person trying to get rid of the habit may suffer from mental fatigue, depression, increased appetite, anxiety, suicidal ideation, lucid dreams, etc. Hence, an individual should be aware of the consequences of the Amphetamine drug abuse, as it is the question of well-being of the individual.

Why Vacuum Therapy? The Benefits of Vacuum Therapy Devices For Treating ED

Monday, 23 September 2013

Vacuum therapy devices provide an appealing solution to ED; they offer many advantages over other forms of therapy, drug treatments, and invasive surgeries designed to treat erectile problems facing millions of men. Here are some of the reasons why many of those men continue to enjoy their sex lives with the help of vacuum therapy devices:

1) Faster results than Drugs with No Invasive Side Effects - Vacuum devices provide almost instant erections using negative pressure to pull blood in the penis. There are many drugs that can facilitate erections, but often with side effects. In fact, even in recent news drugs like Viagra are showing more signs for long-term side effects including hearing loss and dangerous blood pressure levels in some individuals with pre-existing health conditions that make taking drugs less appealing, less practical, or even harmful to health. Vacuum therapy systems simply do not have these negative side effects, and often work faster than the 1/2 hour - 2 hour period needed to wait for the drugs to kick in.

2) Sustain and Terminate Erections on Demand - With drugs, erections go away when the drug effects wear off, offering little or no control over the erection. With vacuum therapy, the user is in complete control of their erection, and when no longer desired, the user simply needs to remove the tension ring.

3) Ability to Control Erectile Function - Vacuum therapy systems allow the user to literally create their erections, and terminate them when they choose. Contrast with drugs, which allow the user no control over when they achieve or stop an erection.

4) Lower Long-Term Expense - Face it, expensive ED Medications can add up quick. A medical grade vacuum therapy device will cost more up front, but provides erections on demand years.

5) Covered by Some Health Insurance - Many brands of devices are commonly covered and reimbursed under Medicare and many health insurance.

5) Therapeutic and Predictable Results - Vacuum therapy can be used for more than just achieving and maintaining erections for sex. In fact, it's advised that men have several erections per day to keep the penis and genitals healthy. The penile tissue requires blood flow to stay healthy and maintain its length. Without natural erections to move this blood through the penis, the penile tissue becomes atrophied, making it more difficult to achieve erections and degrades length over time. Penile Rehabilitation helps many users maintain penile length and also achieve full erectile function when done correctly with a vacuum therapy system.

6) Over 90% Effectiveness - Erectile Dysfunction affects millions of men over the age of 50. There are few treatment options which boast the levels of safety and effectiveness of Vacuum therapy. Clinical studies by urologists show that vacuum pumps facilitate healthy penile health and blood flow.

Many of those suffering from ED often pursue drug treatments available - but pills are not for everyone! Some of those who suffer from ED can also have cardiovascular disease, nitrates for chest pain, high blood pressure medications, diabetes, or have had a radical prostatectomy. In these cases, drug treatments often can be dangerous or risky. Vacuum therapy provides near instant results without the side effects that go along with taking drugs.

Drug Abuse Addiction: A Misunderstood Problem

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Too often people don't truly comprehend the real reason why a person develops a drug abuse addiction or how drugs can alter their brain to stimulate compulsive drug abuse and addiction. They wrongly perceive this problem as something that is surely a social problem only and may discriminate those who abuse drugs as morally powerless. A persistent and general belief is that addicted individuals should be fully capable of just quitting drugs as long as they are willing to alter their attitude and behaviour. Again and again, what people often simply and underestimate is the complication of drug addiction. It is a serious disease that impacts the very brain itself and as a result, ceasing drug abuse and drug addiction is not plainly a matter of an individuals' willpower. Through current scientific advances we are now able to understand much more in regards to how precisely drugs affect the brain. Furthermore, we now know that drug abuse addiction can be successfully treated to assist individuals' in stopping the abuse of drugs and carry on their normal lives.

Drug abuse and addiction can be a huge burden on society. There have been approximate estimates of the overall costs of this issue in the USA alone, which includes health costs as well as losses in productivity, to surpass 500 billion dollars annually. As distressing as these figures are, they don't adequately and fully convey the breadth of detrimental public health and safety implications, which involve domestic violence, school failure, family disruption, loss of employment, child abuse, and many other types of deviant crimes.

To truly understand what drug abuse and drug addiction is, we need to know that it is a continuous, relapsing brain disease that induces uncontrollable drug seeking and use and abuse in spite of harmful and damaging consequences to the abuser who is addicted and to all those who are close to them. Drug abuse and addiction is defined as a brain disease for the reason that this problem advances changes in the function and also the structure of the brain. Even though it is undeniable that for most addicts the initial decision to take drugs is purely voluntary, over the course of time the alterations in the brain, as a result of abusing drugs over and over again, can greatly affect an individual's self control and capability to make logical decisions, while at the exact same moment send extreme impulses to take more the addictive substance.

It is these very extreme changes in the brain that makes it so difficult for an individual who is addicted to absolutely cease from abusing drugs. Fortunately, there are existing treatments that assist people to neutralize drug addiction's strong damaging effects so that the individual can recapture some semblance of self control. Studies have shown that incorporating drug abuse addiction treatment medications along with behavioural therapy is one of the most successful ways for majority of patients. When a treatment method is customized to each patient's patterns along with psychiatric aid can lead to long term continuous recovery and a life without the need for further intervention.

Very much like other chronic or relapsing diseases such as heart disease or diabetes, drug abuse addiction can be managed quite successfully. Additional, it's not unusual for a drug abuse and addiction person to backslide and start abusing drugs again. We must be clear that relapse does not indicate failure, rather, it demonstrates that proper drug abuse and drug addiction treatment should be reintroduced, modified, or that other forms of drug abuse addiction treatment is required to help the individual retake self control and recover.

Health Insurance Buyer's Guide

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Buying Shopping for health insurance can leave many people confused. Knowing which insurance company to choose or which insurance plan is the best may seem daunting impossible. But once you know the basics of health insurance, choosing the right health insurance plan is simple easy.

This article will provide some of the most basic and helpful tools and explanations for health insurance shoppers. First, it is important to learn about helps to understand the different types of health insurance plans and their benefits and drawbacks. Plans differ in the amount you pay out-of-pocket, which doctors you can visit, and how the your insurance bills are paid. Besides just helping you choose the most efficient and cost-effective plan, we'll teach you about another way you can save on health insurance: a Health Savings Account. Additionally, it is important to learn about dental insurance as well. Many health insurance plans do not include dental insurance under their benefits, so we'll go over how to shop for and obtain separate dental coverage. Then it is important to learn about ways you can save on health insurance. There are several ways you can save including Health Savings Accounts and Discount Cards. LastlyAnd finally, don't forget to compare plans before you make your decisionwe'll explain why it's so important to put your new knowledge to good use by comparing health insurance plans.

Types of Health Insurance Plans

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plans

Generally, HMOs have low or even no deductible and the co-payments will be relatively comparatively low as well. You pay a monthly premium that gives you access to coverage for doctor appointments, hospital stays, emergency care, tests, x-rays and therapy. You will have to choose a primary care physician (PCP) within your insurance provider's network of physicians, and in order to see a specialist you need to receive a referral from your PCP. Under an HMO plan, only visits to doctors and hospitals with the insurance company's network of providers are covered; you'll have to pay for visits if you go to an out-of-network doctors or hospitals your insurance will not cover the costs.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Plans Under a PPO plan, you will use the insurance company's network of doctors and hospitals for any services or supplies you need. These healthcare providers have been contracted by the insurance company to provide services at a discounted rate. Generally, you will be able to choose doctors and specialists within this network without having to choose a primary care physician or get a referral. Before the insurance company will start paying for your medical bills you will usually need to pay an annual deductible. Also, you may have a co-payment for some services or be required to cover a percentage of the total medical bill.

Point of Service (POS) Plans

A POS plan is a combination of the features offered by HMO and PPO plans. You are required to choose a primary care physician, whose services are not usually subject to a deductible, but your PCP can refer you to out-of-network specialists whose services will be partially covered by your insurance company. Additionally, POS plans usually offer coverage for preventive healthcare, which includes regular checkups. Your PCP will be able to give you referrals for any specialists. If these specialists are out-of-network you will need to pay out-of-pocket and then apply for reimbursement from the insurance company. With a POS plan you will benefit from some of the savings of an HMO and will have greater flexibility in choosing healthcare providers, similar to PPO.

Dental Insurance

It is important to get a dental insurance plan along with your health insurance plan. In order to keep your teeth and gums health you need regular visits to the dentist. Without dental insurance, the cost of dentist appointments will be much higher making it difficult to keep up with the payments. Dental insurance is similar to health insurance in that each month you pay a premium, which entitles you to certain dental benefits. Benefits include checkups, cleanings, x-rays, and other dental services. There are plans that may cover dental implants, oral surgery and orthodontia, but they will be more expensive. Like health insurance, plans are categorized into indemnity and managed-care plans. If you choose an indemnity plan you will have a broader choice of dental care providers to choose from. You won't have to choose one primary dentist and generally, you won't need to acquire referrals. In order for the insurance company to cover your dental expenses you will need to send them a claim before they reimburse you for covered services. As a result, you will have to pay more out-of-pocket with an indemnity plan, but you will have more flexibility in choosing which dentists you visit. On the other hand, managed-care plans will provide you with a dental provider network and you will need to visit dentists within this network in order to get coverage for these services. With a dental care network, the insurance company has arranged pre-negotiated rates that you will receive when you visit these dentists. With a managed-care plan, the dentists will submit the claim for you, lowering your out-of-pocket expenses.

Save on Health Insurance

Health Savings Account

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are tax-free savings accounts designed to help consumers pay for healthcare services while limiting premium expenses for unwanted benefits. The plans have lower premiums and higher deductibles than other insurance plans because they offer fewer benefits and require you to use the money in your HSA to pay for certain qualified medical services. However, if you don't need to visit the doctor frequently and don't anticipate requiring regular medical attention, HSA plans are a cost-effective method of insuring against the worst without paying for coverage you won't use. In order to open an HSA, you'll need to have an HSA-compatible health insurance plan. You may only use the funds in your HSA to pay for qualified medical expenses. Usually, your HSA plan will have a deductible that, once met, requires your insurance company to pay for any additional qualified medical expenses for the rest of the year.

Dental Insurance

Health insurance typically does not cover dental services, but in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy, you need regular visits to the dentist. Without dental insurance, regular dentist appointments can prohibitively expensive. Make sure your mouth is covered by shopping for both health and dental insurance. Dental insurance is similar to health insurance in that each month you pay a premium, which entitles you to certain dental benefits. Benefits include checkups, cleanings, x-rays, and other dental services. There are plans that may cover dental implants, oral surgery and orthodontia, but they will be more expensive. Like health insurance, plans are categorized into indemnity and managed-care plans. If you choose an indemnity plan you will have a broader choice of dental care providers to choose from. You won't have to choose one primary dentist and generally, you won't need to acquire referrals for special services. In order for the insurance company to cover your dental expenses you will need to send them a claim for reimbursement. You'll end up paying more out-of-pocket with an indemnity plan, but you will have more flexibility in choosing which dentists you visit. By contrast, managed-care plans limit you to the doctors and services within a dental services network, and you will need to visit doctors within this network in order to get coverage for their services. Within the dental care network, your insurance company has arranged pre-negotiated rates that you will receive when you visit dentists in the network. Your dentist will submit your insurance claim for you, keeping your out-of-pocket expenses lower than with an indemnity plan.

Compare the Plans

Comparing insurance plans is an important step in buying health insurance. It will save you money in the long run if you take the time to compare premium prices, out-of-pocket costs, plan benefits, the network of physicians available with different plans, and the quality of insurance providers. If you have a favorite physician, make sure your health insurance covers visits to him or her. If you don't need to see the doctor very often, don't pay a high premium for low office visit copayments. Health insurance plans are designed to address specific healthcare needs, and you'll save money and get the most effective coverage by comparing plans to find the health insurance plan that best fits your budget and lifestyle.

Do You Suffer From ED, Try Vacuum Therapy System

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction and want to get rid of this problem? Has the problem destroyed your sex life and you are really depressed about it? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you need the method that thousands of men have tried and have got satisfying results. Yes, you need vacuum system therapy. It is a therapy that is painless and fast and gives you instant results. Just like those men, even you can get back the life that you always wanted and enjoy your married life just like any other couple.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, then you are not alone on this planet to go through this problem, each year millions of men suffer from this problem, in spite of having good overall health. Mostly it is related with bad lifestyle. It also occurs due to a stressful working environment and high anxiety level. Due to these problems proper circulation of blood becomes difficult, and as a result you face the problem of erectile dysfunction. Vacuum system therapy does just what is needed. It increases the blood flow to your penis in a simple mechanism, without any pain or side effects and gives you the result within five minutes.

Vacuum system therapy uses a simple technique where the blood is drawn into the penis through a pump which results in swelling of the shaft and you get a firm and erect penis. The entire process is done within minutes and can be easily performed by the user. Unlike other therapies you don't have to wait for months to get the results. You can use it as many times as required without any fear of having any side effects or other long term damages. It is the safest method of treating erectile dysfunction problem.

Erectile dysfunction not only deprives you of enjoying the sexual life, but it can also drive you into a depression. Millions of men who suffer from this problem complain of depression. You sure would not want to face that problem yourself. Treating erectile dysfunction was never so easy until vacuum system therapy was introduced and over the years users have gained immensely from this amazing therapy and happily enjoying their life again. If you want to get back the lost love in your life, then this method is the best option for you.

The best part about vacuum system therapy is, that this method not only gives you guaranteed result but also gives the result very fast. This method can be used by everyone who suffers from erectile dysfunction, irrespective of their ages. Unlike other methods, this therapy makes sure that there is no after use side effects or any long term damages to your health. So far the response from the users proves that vacuum system therapy is the best method to treat the erectile dysfunction problem in men. These qualities in vacuum system therapy makes it must use for everyone who is suffering from this problem.

Spousal Impact on Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation

Monday, 9 September 2013

Drug addicts' spouses can have an enormous impact on both their substance abuse and recovery processes. In some situations, the spouse acts as a caretaker during treatment and rehabilitation. In other unfortunate cases, a spouse can be an enabler for an addict's dangerous behaviors. Whatever the case may be, husbands and wives can make or break the recovery process for an addict seeking help.

The worst situation is when a drug addict or alcoholic's spouse is a co-user. Most violence and sexual abuse between couples involve the use of drugs or alcohol, and it can be hard for either addict to escape this abusive relationship. In some cases, an abusive spouse may act as the main provider for the drug to which both parties are addicted. At other times, the victims of violence fear that if they seek addiction therapy, their co-abusing spouses will only respond with more violence. They also fear that their spouse will turn them over to the police if they attempt to seek treatment or leave. Ultimately, one spouse's recovery often destroys the relationship. When the common bond of drug addiction is severed, there may be nothing left to support the marriage, whether it was abusive or not.

Another role which a spouse can unfortunately play is that of the enabler, someone who triggers the addict's drug use. Enablers may buy drugs for their spouses, assuming that they'll just get them elsewhere, anyway. Other enablers may make excuses or even tell outright lies about their spouse's drug use in order to avoid legal trouble or the emotional intensity of facing the problem head-on.

Despite these negative effects spouses can have on addicts' substance abuse, they are also critical to the recovery process. They often must take the first step and enroll their husband or wife in a treatment program. Since spouses are typically the most influential people in addicts' lives, their unwavering support throughout treatment and rehabilitation can also make or break the success of the recovery.

Because they are so important to recovery, spouses and other family members often receive therapy along with the addict. In group counseling sessions, they develop better communication skills and gain a deeper understanding of the root causes, symptoms, and solutions to addictive behavior. However, co-using or enabling spouses can be detrimental to an addict's treatment, and they are sometimes purposefully excluded from this kind of therapy.

At the very least, spouses should lend support whenever and wherever possible during an addict's recovery. Though entire families feel the devastating effects of addiction, it is often the spouses whose close relationship with addicts puts them in the toughest spots. Fortunately, they also have the most power to make a positive difference. If your husband or wife is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, call the number at the top of your screen for a toll-free, no-obligation consultation. Even if you think your relationship might be headed for failure, don't hesitate to get help, for your spouse's sake and your own.

Hemp Therapy Business Opportunity - Revolutionary or Run of the Mill?

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Anyone who is thinking about starting up a business should consider whether that opportunity will make it in today's market and with today's ideals. The Hemp Therapy business model should be scrutinized in the same way, to see if it is something new and fit for the current times or whether it is just another of the same old tired companies trying to survive on outdated ideas.

If you have been doing your research into today's business opportunities, you will see that a very large number of them are geared towards healthy living. This is not surprising considering the state of the health care system, high illness and obesity rates, and the aging of the Baby Boomer generation.

You might think that this makes Hemp Therapy a run of the mill operation. Just like so many others, this business is all about being healthy and feeling good. In the sense that it has some common goals with many other businesses, it may seem ordinary. In this general way, it is not a unique business even though it is definitely right for the times.

Hemp Nutrition
On the other hand, no other business has mastered the art of powerful Hemp Nutrition for consumers. This company provides research studies explaining the value of Hemp in the diet. Hemp is unique in the quality and completeness of the nutrition it provides. Hemp seeds are high in protein, essential oils and amino acids. Hemp has a high percentage of Edestin, a valuable type of protein which aids in digestion among its many benefits. It helps the body to heal, renew and repair itself. Hemp has always been good for people, but the extent of its benefits is just now beginning to come to light.

Nutrition from the Sea
Hemp Therapy products from Versativa, such as Inspirin, contain marine phytoplankton - nutrition from the sea. This is the highest energy food available anywhere, and it has a nutritional profile that is nothing short of miraculous. The interest in this nutrition from the sea has multiplied rapidly over the last several decades. In the course of history, the attention to phytoplankton for human consumption is very new - one might even say revolutionary.

Environmental Concerns
"Green" is a popular word these days. It has become so standard that it has almost lost its meaning. Somehow, it has become a financial buzzword. However, companies like ForeverGreen are bringing back the ecological focus of the word. The Versativa mission is to make a difference to the environment. Hemp plants mature quickly in about 100 days from seed to full growth, making them a quickly renewable source of paper, cloth, energy, insulation, and many other products including health products.

Network Marketing
The Versativa Hemp Therapy business opportunity is based on network marketing. As most people know, the foundations of network marketing have been established over the years by many highly reputable companies. There have been a few bad eggs, but overall, network marketing has provided a means of living for many people and given them a chance to share great products. This is nothing new.

Focus of Business Model
The old-fashioned focus for businesses was to serve the needs of the business first and think about the needs of the individual last. In fact, the majority of companies still operate this way. What makes the Hemp Therapy business model different is that the needs of the individual are considered first. People are encouraged to be themselves within the system rather than to conform to the image of a certain person who has already succeeded in the business. They are allowed to find their own style of success. Versativa's Rainmaker System is geared towards finding people who think for themselves.

As to the question of whether Versativa and Hemp Therapy is just another network marketing scheme, everyone must judge for themselves. The products, while based on plants that have been around for ages, are on the cutting edge of health science. The business model allows for a depth of human caring and concern that is not often seen in modern business. Whether the Hemp Therapy business is something new or not may be a mixed answer. The important thing to decide is if it offers an opportunity that can help you succeed in your goals. Many people will find that it does.

Are We Ruining Our Toddlers' Mental Health?

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Many years ago, long before the advent of the computer age, the upbringing of our young children during school holidays and weekends followed a similar pattern.  Children would be sent out to play and told to return at tea-time.  Those of us who remember such a time recall long, long days of imaginative play with other children who lived in the same street.  Rarely did a child have something constructive to play with;  rather, children constructed their own games using local amenities such as playgrounds, parks and alleys between houses as simple backdrops.  Yes, there probably were dangers out there in those times, but because they weren't constantly trumpeted from every media outlet available, parents used their common-sense and relied on their instincts a lot more. Back then, particularly in the immediate post-war years, children were simply happy to be free of restrictive parental controls, relishing the freedom to run, jump and enact elaborate role-playing games. Playtime was a time to live in that vast, creative, imaginative world where anything was possible. But, unfortunately, that world seems to have disappeared.

It was therefore interesting to see a recent independent report on the state of childhood today. It was commissioned by The Children's Society and carried out by Lord Layard, the Labour peer, and Professor Judy Dunn, a child psychologist at the Institute of Psychiatry.

The report confirms all our lurking fears about the behavior of today's children. It warns that because of largely media-provoked paranoia about the dangers children face and irrational hostility from the general public, children have lost their freedom to play outside. But, thankfully, the wheel has now turned full-circle. Parents are, once again, urged to avoid today's insidious 'cotton wool culture' and actively return to the actions of our forebears. Yes: let your children play outdoors and make new friends rather than keeping them cooped up indoors.  Not only will their mental health improve, but also their general health. Research has recently proved that introducing your toddlers to 'a bit of dirt' strengthens their immune systems to withstand such modern hazards as asthma. That 'bit of dirt' acts like a vaccination, effecting that vital surge of white blood-cells to not only combat infections but also bolster our defenses against future attacks.

It is what we all knew really, but an extra dimension is the report's particular focus on the effects on children's mental health. Based on interviews with more than 30,000 children, adults and professionals, the report claims that the mental health of young people is also at risk from bullying, exam stress, junk food and alcohol. It is clear that children are growing up more confused, pressurized and lacking in real values than in previous generations. A child displaying mental health symptoms is likely to grow up into a confused adult.

Along with the analysis, the report offers some guidelines on how your child's health in general can be improved. It includes:

  • ways children can grow up supported and influenced by family and friends (rather than from advertising and reality TV);
  • a complete ban on advertising for under-12s;
  • a call for better support services to cater for children who develop mental health problems or eating disorders;
  • reasons why you should not treat children as "little adults";
  • the need to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14;
  • guidelines for companies to allow working mothers to balance their jobs with their family responsibilities, amid fears that 'macho' employers only judge staff on the number of hours they put in. One of the huge problems for mothers is that in order to be successful in a career, they too often have to work long hours;
  • actual proof that children have lost their freedom to play outside because of paranoia about the dangers they face.

At long last this research has proven what we all feared.  Something wonderful has been lost. The active, imaginative and role-playing world that children at play freely exercised fifty years ago was a life-enhancing and positive way to exercise their mental health. There is no need for expensive toys that actually do more harm than good by restricting imaginative play.

Let us hope that this report is but a forerunner of change for the better for the children of today. It is the best legacy we can give them. A healthy mind is a wondrous gift that will give positive results:  not only for the child and the adult he/she will eventually become, but for all the individuals encountered throughout that life.

Dissertation Drop-ins For September

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I shall be holding a couple of informal drop-ins for help with dissertations this month on the dates below. Come along and have a chat about any library related questions / issues you may have with your dissertation.
  • Tuesday 10th September - 1.00 - 2.00, Library IT Training Suite 2
  • Tuesday 17th September - 1.00 - 2.00, Library IT Training Suite 2

Natural Health Therapies and Cancer - Part Three

Monday, 2 September 2013

This article is the third installment of a series on Natural Health Therapies and Cancer. The material presented is meant to inform you of complementary cancer therapies that are available in the medical community. These therapies are to be used in cooperation with other cancer treatment methods. They are not meant to be done in place of your physician's care. In the previous articles, we have covered the basics of cancer, the causes, the various types and stages, and how nutrition can trigger and promote cancer growth. This article will focus on Anti-Cancer Herbal Supplements as a form of cancer therapy.

Herbal therapy is also known as Phytotherapy or Phytomedicine. As you may recall from previous articles, the word 'phyto' means 'plant.' This form of cancer therapy focuses on herbal or botanical supplements have been used for centuries in dealing with a wide range of diseases. Many of these plants have been studied by pharmaceutical companies to isolate active ingredients for use in drugs. A few key examples are foxglove (used for digitalis), rauwolfia (used in reserpine), and opium poppy (used in morphine).

The anti-cancer herbal supplements that we will discuss in this article are listed below in alphabetical order. Due to the number of herbals involved, we will only be able to cover each one briefly. However, this does give us a starting point to follow-up at the library for more in-depth information. Remember that 'herbal' does not equal 'safe.' Although herbal therapies usually work more slowly than pharmaceuticals, adverse reactions can occur if the wrong dosage, a poor quality herb, or the incorrect herb is used. In addition, there are potential interactions with prescription drugs. Always check with a medical professional before using any complementary therapies.

The effects of these various herbs on cancer have been researched and documented by a large number of studies worldwide. The results indicate that the herbs work by:

o Stimulating DNA repair

o Producing antioxidant effects

o Promoting protective enzymes

o Inhibiting cancer-activating enzymes

o Inducing oygenating effects

The anti-cancer herbal and botanical supplements currently being used by a variety of medical practitioners are:

Algae Chlorella, Sea vegetables, and Green Drinks provide high levels of antioxidants that help to clean up the damage done by free radicals. The albumin, vitamins, and minerals contained in chlorella are considered a major detoxification resource.

Aloe Vera Long used for burns, cuts, and minor skin irritations, tests indicate that this plant has tumor-fighting capability. A major component of aloe vera called Acemannan has displayed remarkable ability as an immune system stimulator.

Amygdalin Known also as Laetrile, this substance is found in the pits of apricots and other fruits. It has been used for centuries and produces a cyanide compound that targets cancer cells.

Astralagus This herb is widely used in China, often in conjunction with ginseng. Research shows that it increase Natural Killer (NK) cell activity, reduces the stress hormone cortisol, and boost interferon levels.

Cat's Claw Used in Peruvian tribal medicine, this herb displays antioxidant, and anti-tumor properties. Studies have indicated that it enhances the immune system as well as digestive system.

Echinacea This well-known herb has shown properties that enhance the immune system. Test results indicate an increase in NK cell activity ranging from 90-221%. Echinacea provides support to battle secondary problems like infection.

Essiac This is an herbal tea originally used by Native Americans. It contains burdock, sheep sorrel, Indian rhubarb, slippery elm, and other herbs. It has been shown to boost immune system function, diminish inflammatory processes, and reduce the toxic side effects of many drugs.

Flavonoids A group of phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables. These substances have very high antioxidant levels. This group contains quercetin, rutin, citrin, hesperidin, proanthocyanins, and anthocyanins.

Garlic Enough scientific evidence exists for this longtime folk remedy that scientists held the First World Congress on the Health Significance of Garlic and Garlic Constituents in the late 1980s. Research points out garlic's ability to suppress cancer initiation and growth by boosting NK cell and T-cell activity. Garlic also blocks cancer cell adhesion to blood vessels which helps prevent metastases.

Gingko Biloba This herb has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. One of its components, gingkolide B, interferes with a chemical in the body that promotes tumor growth. Gingko also has a high antioxidant level.

Ginseng Used for centuries in Asia, this small woodland plant has been documented to have immune system enhancing properties. It stimulates macrophage and NK cell activity as well as boosting the production of antibodies.

Grape seed extract Pycogenols, the active ingredients in grape seed extract and pine tree bark, might be the most powerful antioxidants found to date. Studies show that they are 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C in reducing free radical damage.

Green tea A popular drink in Japan and China, green tea has been shown to reduce the risks of throat and liver cancers. This is attributed to the high antioxidant properties found in green tea, far exceeding those of Vitamin E. The average daily consumption of green tea in Asia is 2-10 cups.

Haelan 851 This is a liquid soybean concentrate made with a specialized fermentation process. The preparation contains zinc, selenium, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, C, D, E, and K. It also contains high levels of genistein, an isoflavone shown to increase cancer cell death, inhibit blood vessel growth to tumors, regulate hormonal imbalance, and provide other anti-cancer functions.

HANSI A homeopathic combination of about 10 herbal components, HANSI has been shown to increase NK cell activity in the immune system. The primary ingredients in the formula are from rain forest and desert plants such as cactus, aloe, arnica, licopodium, and lachesis. Made in Argentina, this formula is available in the U.S. on a three month supply basis.

Hoxsey's herbs This is an herbal preparation that contains red clover, burdock root, buckthorn, barberry bark, stillingia root, chaparral, licorice, cascara amarga, and prickly ash bark. Used since the 1840s, these herbs produce documented antioxidant, anti-tumor, and anti-estrogen activity. They also have been shown to boost immune function and inhibit blood vessel growth to tumors.

Iscador (Mistletoe) Used by European physicians since 1920, Iscador has been found to increase the length and quality of life, stabilize the cancer, cause tumor reduction, and improve the overall condition of the patient. Immune system function, particularly NK cells, increases within 24 hours after Iscador treatments.

Larch arabinogalactan This is a complex carbohydrate compound derived from the Western Larch tree. Studies have shown that it enhances the activity of NK cells, macrophages, and immune-enhancing chemicals called cytokines.

Maitake mushroom Maitake, shitake, and reishi mushrooms have all been shown to promote NK cell and antibody activity. Maitake mushrooms consistently show the greatest results in inhibiting cancer development and metastasis.

Pau D'Arco An herbal extract derived from the inside of the bark of certain trees in the South American rainforest that has displayed anticancer properties. The key component, lapachol, has a unique molecular composition that produces biological activity against cancer.

Pectin, modified citrus This is a food fiber found in fruits which has been modified to bring out the immune system enhancement properties. Research show that modified citrus pectin boosts the function of both T-cells and NK cells in the immune system.

Silymarin Known also as milk thistle, this herb is full of antioxidants and flavonoids. It has been seen to provide protection from liver damage. Studies indicate that Silymarin accelerates the regeneration of damaged liver tissue. This is important in cancer patients because all toxins including chemotherapy drugs are filtered through the liver and excessive toxins can result in liver dysfunction.

Turmeric A major ingredient in curry powder, this herb comes from India and is a member of the ginger family. Studies show that it provides powerful antioxidant effects, inhibits tumor growth and formation in certain cancers, and reduces production of some cancer-promoting enzymes.

In the next article, we will explore the use of Physical Support Therapies for cancer therapy. These methods include Detoxification, Biological Dentistry, Water Therapy, Heat Therapy, Bodywork/Therapeutic Massage/Exercise, and Qi Gong. I hope that this material has been helpful and informative. The material in these articles is a portion of an e-book available on my website.

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