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Drug Abuse - Do Not Get Addicted

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Any kind of excessive intake of performance enhancing drugs apart from medical treatment is generally termed as drug abuse. It has many other ranges of definitions and corresponding explanations. Even the intake of alcohol can be termed under drug misuse, as excessive alcohol intake will lead to many social problems. Drug abusers are having the high risk of committing suicide, as it causes physiological twist of the brain's chemistry that might lead him or her to take the extreme step.

Drug abuse and alcohol abuse are the main reasons for a person's social problems; it mainly leads to isolation and lack of proper care. There is a danger that even a prescribed drug when taken in a proportion greater that what was specified can lead to the same result. There are cases where the impacts caused by the drug misuse would remain even after a longer period of detoxification; some would even last for months.

Drug abuse affects the central nervous system and which in turn may lead to an impact on the person's mental stability. There is other kind of drugs that affects not the nervous system but other parts of the human body. Generally these drugs are addictive in nature and will stimulate the user to long for it. Thus, making it difficult to rehabilitate someone, who is already addicted to using these drugs for a long period of time? Drug abuse damages the brain cells and would result in a permanent effect on the person's behavior. Drug overdose can also lead to death sometimes. The common drugs that are abused are way too expensive and this is the reason that, this habit is most common among celebrities and people of high society where money is not a big matter. Drug abuse is related to illegal drugs and will mostly be smuggled into the country without the knowledge of the government. This has been a primary concern in many nations and they are still finding different ways to stop this. The two main reasons which are quoted by those people who practice drug abuse are for fun and to enhance performance. The wealthy people and the teenagers do it for fun, as it makes them go into a state of mental instability there by giving a feel of flying as they say. The other set of people who indulge in drug abuse are the sports stars that do it to enhance their performance, as they get a sudden burst of energy.

Drugs are produced for curing the diseases and other complications in the field of medical science, but when it is used for any other purpose we call it as abuse. If people who indulge in drug abuse are not rehabilitated and are made to lead normal life, they would end up in a coffin or any mental institution.

Prevention of drug abuse has to begin at the level of a home; the government can take various steps to stop it. However it is very important that we take care of our family members and avoid that states that might lead them to bad situations like these.

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