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The Effects of Marijuana Abuse

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Marijuana is known as the most commonly used drug in all of America. While many feel the use of marijuana is not dangerous, what they do not realize are the numerous effects it has on the body with its long term use and abuse.

To understand marijuana's effects is to first understand what types of chemicals are in the drug. The largest most mind altering drug within marijuana is THC. THC is a strong chemical that rapidly passes from the smoker's lungs into their bloodstream, from which is then transferred to the brain and organs.

Scientists have dug even deeper to see how THC affects the brain and body. What they have discovered is that the brain has cannabinoid receptors which are triggered when THC enters the bloodstream. Some people have more cannabinoid receptors than others. What do these cannabinoid receptors do? Because a large majority of these receptors are located in the pleasure center of the brain as well as the part of the brain important for memory, thinking, concentrating, sensory and coordination, THC thus affects these parts of a person's life. This means that an abusive smoker can begin losing their memory, have distorted perception or difficulty thinking. The biggest threat is on one's memory as scientists have discovered it can impact how one can learn or what they can remember for weeks at a time.

THC is also addictive in itself, which means when the smoker stops using marijuana they will begin feeling withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may include, but are not limited to anxiety, loss of appetite, insomnia and irritability.

Physiologically, marijuana also has adverse effects on the heart. One's heart rate is increased shortly after smoking. This increase in heart rate can last for up to three hours. Because of this, users of marijuana increase their chances of a heart attack the first hour after smoking the drug.

Smoking marijuana also affects the lungs. The smoke from inhaling marijuana has fifty to seventy percent more carcinogens than tobacco smoke. This can lead to lung cancer, an increase in lung infections and other possible respiratory illnesses.

While marijuana is occasionally prescribed for medical reasons, doctors are cautious about handing out prescriptions due to the potential for its abuse. Marijuana is also considered a 'gateway' drug as many users begin to lose the high they gain from marijuana and begin seeking it in more powerful drugs that are even more damaging the body and addictive.

Abusing marijuana, as with any other drugs, effects not only the user but those who are close to the user. These individuals may include immediate family, friends or co-workers. If you or a loved one are suffering from marijuana abuse, it is often a wise decision to contact a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. There, a program will be fit to your needs to better assist you with a overall healthy and positive recovery.

Sensible Reasons For Choosing Organic Food

Friday, 25 October 2013

Organic foods are generally better for you than nonorganic. This is due to several factors which I will discuss here. Organic is nothing but some fancy term that basically means it has no additives or preservatives and no pesticides.

In other words it has nothing unnatural in it, that would not normally occur in nature. It is basically virgin or untouched so to speak. Now days organic vegetables and other food items have become very popular to the American consumer.

This is because people are beginning to realize that organic or natural products are generally better for our health than others which are nonorganic. Food items containing additives or preservatives can sometimes cause the consumer to have food allergies.

Today we must be careful about the foods we choose because we don't generally know what has been added or taken away from the foods we eat. As a general rule organic products are not only better for us because of health reasons, they are also better because they don't harm the environment.

No pesticide in our food means less harm to the environment and better health for the consumer. Pesticides may not go away naturally and can seep into the water or earth and remain there for many years.

So, by producing and consuming organic products we can avoid these harmful things and hopefully help improve our environment too. If each of us would consume more organic products then it could make a huge impact not only to ourselves but to the many future generations to come.

Does Vacuum Therapy System Erase the Boredom in Your Sexual Life?

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sexual dissatisfaction and depression are two correlated terms that are associated with erectile dysfunction. Your love life suffers on account of this problem and consulting a doctor becomes essential. At first most of the doctors begin treatment with pills and then recommend vacuum therapy system. Again some doctors prescribe vacuum therapy straight away to cure erectile dysfunction. On account of fear and improper information, most men are apprehensive about using it. Proper information can be obtained from either doctors or from those who have been using it. Those men who have overcome their fears have understood the benefits of using the vacuum therapy system.

The blood flow in the penis is the most essential part of sexual arousal. This decreases on account of various health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, some chronic diseases, some surgical problems, long time medications, chemotherapy, etc. In these cases most people are not able to take pills, so vacuum therapy system is the only alternative for them. A vacuum pump is a simple device that helps in bringing adequate supply of blood to the penis shaft. The penis swells and gets the adequate shape and size with the proper supply of blood. This helps in obtaining sexual satisfaction.

The vacuum pump is a simple device and is easy to use. Besides this, it gives results very quickly. There are no side effects and so is a better option than medicines. These pumps provide pleasure without any pain, making the act even more pleasurable. The pump pulls blood by using negative pressure. It works faster than medicines and has no side-effects. The vacuum pump can be used along with any drugs as it does not have any interaction. Drugs are to be had at least ½ an hour to 2 hours prior to get optimum results whereas vacuum pumps work almost instantly.

Drugs become ineffective after some time making the act problematic as there is no control over the action. Vacuum pumps on the other hand, are highly effective, only the tension ring has to be removed after the penis is charged. There is full control on the erection that can be terminated when desired. The penis stays healthy when there is proper and regular supply of blood to the tissues. The penile tissue becomes atrophied as this is not possible in case of people suffering from erectile dysfunction. So it is recommended that regular erections have to be attained in order to maintain the health and length of the penis.

Some health insurance companies provide medical insurance on some brands of vacuum therapy systems. It is covered under Medicare too. As vacuum therapy system is the easiest system for curing erectile dysfunction it is the most desirable treatment for it. As there are no side-effects, it can be used as and when desired. It helps in controlling the length and erection of the penis and at the same time helps in maintaining the health of the penis. Therefore it is the best alternative to medicine in curing erectile dysfunction.

Interview With Sandra Powers, Author of "Organic for Health"

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sandra Powers is here to tell us about her amazing journey as a survivor of breast cancer, and how she changed her lifestyle to eating healthy organic food.

Tyler: Welcome, Sandra. I'm excited to have you here today. We all want to be healthier, and I know you have an amazing story to tell us about how to be healthy using organic foods. To begin, will you tell us a little bit about your journey as a cancer survivor and how your interest in organic foods began?

Sandra: Hello, Tyler. I am happy to be here with you. My journey began in August 2005 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and liver disease. I had a mastectomy for the breast cancer, but I could not undergo any further cancer treatment because of my unhealthy liver. Every three months for the next year, I had a liver function test and the results were always the same-my liver was not doing well. My doctor was very concerned and wanted to begin treatment for my liver. A year after cancer surgery and I was still not doing well. I thought it was time to try to heal myself. I became my own guinea pig. I researched everything I could find on cancer recurrence and liver disease. Certain words kept popping up: toxic pesticides, toxic fertilizers, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, vitamin and mineral supplements. So, this was where I began: with organic foods and stopping the multiple vitamin and mineral supplements.

Tyler: Sandra, will you define for us exactly what qualifies as an organic food?

Sandra: Better yet, I will let the U.S. Department of Agriculture define organic food for you. The U.S.D.A. has mandated that no organic food can contain added hormones, antibiotics, synthetic pesticides, irradiated components, genetically modified organisms, or reprocessed sewage. What does this mean? It means conventionally grown foods may. Scary, isn't it?

Tyler: Why does the U.S.D.A. make this differentiation? Why not just outlet such processes in all food?

Sandra: Believe it or not, Tyler, these high standards set by the U.S.D.A. for organic food were at the behest of organic operators themselves. The largest organic producers wanted a national definition of organic produce rather than the different state rules. The first U.S.D.A. guidelines were much looser when they were first published in the mid-1990's. After receiving thousands of letters from longtime organic farmers and consumers, the U.S.D.A. put in place the definition in use today. It is highly unlikely that the interests of the huge agri-business corporations would lobby for such costly standards.

Tyler: How have your eating habits changed since you were first diagnosed with breast cancer?

Sandra: The first eating change I made after being diagnosed with breast cancer was switching to organic milk. Conventionally raised dairy cows are injected with hormones to increase milk production. This increase in milk production requires frequent milking, which in turn leads to udder irritation and infections that require antibiotics. Unfortunately, the infections don't always completely clear up, so the government permits a certain amount of pus to remain in the milk. Need I say more? Conventionally raised chickens are given antibiotics, growth enhancers and feed additives. Organic chicken was my second switch, followed by organic eggs. Then I began replacing my fruits and vegetables with organic fruits and vegetables to eliminate the toxic pesticides and fertilizers from my diet. I noticed how much better I felt in just a few weeks and my liver began to heal. In six months, my liver returned to normal, my overall cholesterol dropped 40 points, my good cholesterol went up 40 points, even my bad cholesterol dropped a few points. My doctor was so excited about my tests results he gave me a copy "to frame."

Tyler: What kind of expense is involved in eating organic foods? Did you grocery bill increase significantly?

Sandra: Organic food costs more than conventionally grown food because organic food costs more to produce. There is a lesser yield in crops with safer pesticides and fertilizers. Permitting dairy cows to produce milk the natural way and letting beef and chicken grow without enhancers, antibiotics, and hormones take time. However, if we factor in the benefits of healthier eating over a period of time, the costs are probably competitive. But, how do we gain the great health benefits of organic food today without bankrupting our food budget? We slowly make the switch. We start with the foods we eat the most often like milk, eggs, and chicken. These foods have some of the highest concentrations of added hormones, antibiotics, and additives. We receive the healthiest benefits immediately. These foods also have the best competitive prices because they have store brands. Watch for sales. Again, buy the store brand of organics fresh, canned, or frozen.

Tyler: "Organic for Health" warns us about some of the dangers to our food, such as pesticides. Why in this modern day do we have to worry about our daily food being dangerous to our bodies?

Sandra: The answer is intensive farming. Intensive farming is concerned with productivity. To achieve high productivity, powerful pesticides, powerful fertilizers, additives and growth regulators are used. While intensive farming does provide large quantities of relatively cheap food, it is at the cost of harmful effects to our health and environment. The quest for profits at all costs extends to our milk and poultry, as we have already mentioned.

Tyler: One thing you mention that you did besides going onto organic food was to stop all multivitamins and supplements? Why did you do so?

Sandra: Good question, Tyler. We are bombarded with the health benefits of mutiple vitamins and minerals when actually they are doing more harm than good. The liver is a storage unit. Vitamin A and Vitamin E especially are a problem for the liver with overdosing. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study on the vitamin supplements A and E. The study found daily intake of Vitamin A supplements increased death by 16%, Vitamin E, by 4%. The Annuals of Internal Medicine published a study on Vitamin E supplements. They found that the daily intake of Vitamin E in amounts of 400 IU for one year or more increased the risk of death. In fact, the researchers went so far as to recommend that all sellers of vitamins should consider removing Vitamin E supplements of 400 IU or more from the stores. These are just two of the many reports on the harmful effects of multiple supplements. It is much healthier to receive your vitamins and minerals from organic food.

Tyler: Stress is a major cause of sickness for the body. How does organic food help the body deal with stress?

Sandra: First, stress is a killer. Stress is either the cause or intensifier of many diseases. Two important ways to deal with stress is meditation and organic food. Daily meditation rids the body of much of its unwanted stress. I have a chapter in the book to help you learn how to meditate. Meditation is a healer of the mind while organic food is the healer of the body. Organic food is able to deal with everyday stress by keeping your immune system in tip-top shape. It is able to do this because organic foods contain more antioxidants and immune boosters than conventionally grown foods. In a recent study reported by BBC News, organic fruits have higher antioxidant levels than conventionally grown foods. Rutgers University tested conventionally grown vegetables with organically grown vegetables. The organically grown vegetables had much higher amounts of iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium than the conventionally grown vegetables.

Tyler: Sandra, will you tell us a little bit about the anti-oxidant recipes in the book?

Sandra: The recipes in "Organic for Health" are packed with antioxidants and immune boosters. I developed and adapted the recipes to give maximum health benefits by using organic ingredients. Following each recipe is a paragraph explaining the health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits listed in the Pineapple Bread recipe: "Organic pineapple juice stimulates the kidneys and aids in removing toxic elements from the body. Organic walnuts assist in lowing bad cholesterol. Olive oil helps reduce arthritis-related inflammation because of its antioxidants."

Tyler: How long have you now been free from cancer, and what specifically are you doing to prevent its recurrence?

Sandra: Cancer is a frightening diagnosis. Every cancer survivor tries to have a positive attitude to fight recurrence but a positive attitude has little effect on the prognosis of cancer. What a cancer survivor has to do is research his cancer and clearly work out a plan to optimize his health. I have a 20% chance of cancer recurrence. By eating organic foods-which has already healed my liver-and meditating daily to keep stress to my body in check, I am confident I am going to live a long and productive life. It's been 2 and 1/2 years since I've been diagnosed with cancer and liver disease and I feel better than I have in years.

Tyler: Have you received any response from readers or even friends and family members prior to the book's publication? Have they reported better health as a result of following your instructions or trying any of the recipes in the book?

Sandra: My daughters are eating organic foods and have more energy. My grandsons are also on an organic diet. They are 3 and 7 years old so we have no testimonials from them, but I'm sure they are reaping the rewards. My nephew, who has liver disease, reports since stopping his multiple vitamins and eating mostly organic, his energy levels have improved. I am pleased that the reader reviews on Amazon.com are quite favorable about the recipes.

Tyler: Do you have any advice for the parent who has previously been liberal with sweets and junk food get their child to adapt to organic food?

Sandra: My daughter had no trouble with her children's taste buds when she switched from conventional foods to organics. Organic food tastes so much better than conventionally grown food, especially the fruit. Sweets and junk food? Organic cookies are delicious. Chocolate? Buy the dark chocolate with antioxidants. My grandsons love it.

Tyler: What advice would you give to busy people who eat on the go and who know they should eat better, but find themselves in the drive-through at McDonalds? Where should they go to find organic food? What if they don't have time to cook? What should they do?

Sandra: Tough question, Tyler. I would first say, "Don't obsess." What did you have for breakfast? Toast and coffee? Spread that toast with organic butter or organic jelly. The coffee, Newman's Organic Coffee. Cereal? There are lots of organic cereals to choose from. Make sure you use organic milk. Lunch? McDonalds? Okay. Cancel out the "bad stuff" at lunch with a snack of organic fruit. Dinner time have an organic salad and one of the recipes in Main Dishes. Most of the recipes don't take much preparation time. If you really don't want to "cook", grill an organic steak, or an organic beef patty, or open a can of organic soup to have with your organic salad. Check out your favorite grocery store for organic foods. You'll be surprised at the offerings. It is beginning to rival conventional foods even down to organic frozen dinners.

I was once asked about that popular catchphrase of the 1970's, "You are what you eat." I altered that to "Your health depends on what you eat." There is an old saying, "Every human being is the author of his own health." It all depends on the kind of book you want to write.

Tyler: Sandra, where does one find organic food? Do grocery stores have special sections, or does one need to visit a food co-op?

Sandra: When I first started eating organic food, I was forced to do a lot of internet shopping. In the last two years, mainstream grocery stores have exploded with organics. Organic fresh fruits and vegetables are in special sections. Canned organics are usually mixed in with the other canned goods. Cereals can be in an organic section or mixed in with the other cereals. It seems most stores have special sections for organics but they also intermingle, especially with organic flour, organic sugar, organic jams and jellies, and organic peanut butters. Again, look for the sales.

Tyler: What do you think is the future of the food industry? Will organic food ever become mainstream? Does the U.S.D.A need to do more, or will the needs for profits continue to make our conventional food dangerous for us?

Sandra: The future of the food industry will always be concerned with profit and that is why so much of organic produce is now brought to you by such conventional companies as General Mills, Heinz, and Philip Morris's Kraft. The large conventional food processors are entering the organic market because it's good business. Organics are the only sector of the food industry experiencing sustained growth. Organics are already becoming mainstream. What is more mainstream than Wal-Mart where I buy my Gold Medal Organic Flour?

I believe our food supply will always consist of conventionally grown food and organically grown food. While organics will become more competitive with conventional foods, they will always cost a little bit more, just like frozen broccoli florets cost more than broccoli with the stems. It is up to the consumer to make the choice.

Tyler: Thank you for joining me today, Sandra. Before we go, will you tell us about your website and what additional information may be found there?

Sandra: Thank you, Tyler, for having me. It's been fun. My website, http://www.organicforhealthsite.com, has continuing changing information about organics and new recipes. If you have any questions or comments for me, click on my email on the website and I will be sure to get back to you. Thank you, again, and good health.

Understanding The Impact of Yesterday's Traumas on Your Current Marital Relationship

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Richard and Susan met and married when they were in their late 20's. It was an unlikely union because they came from completely different backgrounds. Their marriage was a good one, but it could have been better if they had understood the impact of how Susan's past traumas would impact their current marital relationship. Let me tell you their stories.

Richard's family was fairly wealthy. His father was an attorney and his mother did not work. Richard attended private schools. His mother was nurturing and his father gave his family his undivided attention when his schedule would allow. They had a pool and a hot-tub in the backyard where many fond memories were made. Richard grew up knowing that he was loved by both parents. He later became an attorney.

Susan's parents divorced when she was 3. She had 2 older brothers who lived with their father, while she lived with her mother after the divorce. Her mother was a drug addict and did not protect her daughter from the effects of her lifestyle. She entertained her friends outside of her apartment in the pool and hot-tub area. Susan was wandered around out by the pool unsupervised by her mother. She was sexually abused in the hot-tub by one of her mother's drug friends. Her mother was too high to know what happened to her daughter. Susan cried herself to sleep that night and many nights after that.

Susan was 7 when her father took custody of her. He smoked a little weed, but he did his best to protect and provide for the family. Susan's brother's both sexually violated her in the backyard hot-tub while their father was working. They did this repeatedly and made Susan keep their secret. There were many nights that Susan cried herself to sleep.

When she was older Susan became a well-respected teen therapist in her community. She met Richard while they were collaborating on a child abuse case. They were married that year. They had a wonderful, mutually supportive relationship.

After they were married, Susan went out-of-town for a month to gain a higher certification for her practice. Richard wanted to do something to surprise her when she returned. The best thing that he could think of was to install a pool and hot-tub in their back yard. Richard was extremely excited and talked about the surprise all the way home from the airport.

Richard covered her eyes and walked Susan to the backyard. His excitement peaked when he took his hands away and she opened her eyes. Susan was horrified. She felt betrayed and burst into tears. She screamed and lashed out at him with her fists. Over 20 years of pent-up trauma and rage were released on Richard that afternoon. He was horrified and could not understand what he had done.

Knowing her background, Susan's response to past trauma in her current marital relationship is very reasonable. Without a clue, Richard triggered the pain of the many past traumas she had endured. Nothing in her mind could relate a hot-tub to family fun and fond memories. She was traumatized again. This time it was by someone who she loved and trusted to protect her.

The hot-tub story is one of many things that can happen in a marital relationship to trigger pain from the past. One partner is clueless and does something that triggers a sensitive issue from the past. The other partner explodes. Very often the traumatized partner does not consciously remember the original trauma, but at the subconscious level the pain is very real. The reaction is always disproportionately larger than the trigger. A fight usually ensues, and a breach in the marital relationship starts at that point. Neither partner could have predicted the impact of past trauma on their current marital relationship.

There is no way of predicting how issues of past trauma will impact a current marital relationship. In reality each partner brings baggage into their marriage from past trauma. The best response to the impact of the trauma response in the marriage is to take the time to discuss and understand what just happened. It is easier to lash out and retaliate when one partner reacts with a trauma response. Understanding takes a little more time. Without behavioral adjustments based on understanding, the trauma will be triggered repeatedly, the fights will flare up, and the depth of mutual love they once had will be overshadowed by animosity, anger, and pain. The impact of this trauma on the marriage could be that the marriage will end because of a misunderstanding.

If you find yourself in an overwhelming marital situation and can't understand where the discord came from, check out my resource box below. I can help you find your way back to marital satisfaction.

Natural Health Therapy Defined

Friday, 18 October 2013

One of the most important things we can have is our health. Strangely, however, as the world advances and becomes smarter in terms of what it knows about our bodies, more people are becoming unhealthy. This is because we all lead naturally unhealthy lifestyles. It is a fact that the majority of people do not take care of their health.

If you look around you, you are likely to see many people who take their health for granted. When they become sick, they realize that they've been living an unhealthy lifestyle. Many times, we turn to Western medicine for even the smallest ailments. However, sometimes this can worsen our problem. That is why there is now a move towards natural health.

Natural health is all about being healthy in the most natural way for your body. It's about being in good health, having good nutrition, and paying attention to what your body needs to be naturally healthy. It is not a new practice, it has actually been around for centuries. You see, keeping your health is how all ancient civilizations kept their people healthy and well.

People with recurring ailments such as body pain, sleepless nights, cough, or people who get sick often can benefit from natural therapies. Following the rules of natural health, natural health therapy is about balancing your system, providing it with the right nourishment it needs in order to bring you back to your natural state of health. This system of healing does not use modern Western medicine, rather it uses much milder methods.

Natural health therapy is always focused on always treating the cause of the problem, and not the symptoms. Sometimes our symptoms are a result of a completely different cause, such as stress, the wrong diet, and improper exercise.

When you sign up for natural health therapy, the therapist will go through your list of ailments and prescribe a good diet, proper exercise, and treatment for you. Some treatments involve getting massages to better blood circulation, or getting acupuncture to stimulate nerves. Other treatments recommend herbal medicine or alternative medicine through teas and natural supplements. You also might be prescribed to take up a yoga or meditation class in order to soothe and heal your mind, which could be the cause behind your poor health.

No matter what is ailing you, natural health therapy can be your answer. It is a mild, natural way to soothe your pain and stop your problems at the source or the cause. It is also a way to live a much healthier lifestyle, which you a long and happy life.

Why Choose Organic Shampoo?

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

If your health is important to you, you have probably been noticing lately that there has been a lot of talk about organic products. Yes, they are more expensive, but they are supposedly free of harmful substances that could lead to chronic disease like cancer. The challenge is that, thanks to "green washing", it can be difficult to determine which "organic" or "natural" products are really chemical free. Green washing is the deceptive use of marketing to portray an item as organic or green when in fact it is not.

The challenge comes in because many products that are portrayed as green are actually not green at all. They may have a few organic ingredients, but they are also full of synthetic ingredients that may potentially be harmful to your health. Let's take a look at some harmful substances you want to avoid!

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate is one of the primary ingredients in car wash soaps, floor cleaners and engine degreasers. They also happen to be used in most shampoos! They are what give shampoo the lather that we have all become accustomed to.

Researchers use sodium lauryl sulfate as a skin irritant when they are testing different products for their potential to heal.

Sodium lauryl sulfate penetrates into the liver, heart, brain and eyes in is retained long term in the body's tissues. Studies show that it may lead to cataracts and hair loss. Because they absorb into the body so easily and large quantities have been proven to cause cancer, most natural health experts agree that you should stay away from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate if you can.

Polyethylene Glycol

Polyethylene glycol is used in everything from medicine to industrial manufacturing. According to a study in the International Journal of Toxicolgy they may include: ethylene oxide, 1.4 dioxane, Polycyclic aromatic compounds, nickel, lead and arsenic.


Parabens are low cost chemicals that are used to increase the shelf life of shampoos, moisturizers and shaving gels. While some studies show that they are not toxic, there is plenty of evidence that suggests otherwise. According to a UK study by the Department of Biology and Biochemistry of Brunel University, parabens have the ability to mimic estrogen, which can have harmful effects. For starters, it can impact pregnant women and may be potentially damaging the developing fertility systems of male fetuses. Some experts believe that parabens can lead to low sperm counts in men and breast cancer in women.

Natural Health Therapies and Cancer - Part Four

Saturday, 12 October 2013

This article is the fourth installment of a series on Natural Health Therapies and Cancer. The material presented is meant to inform you of complementary cancer therapies that are available in the medical community. These therapies are to be used in cooperation with other cancer treatment methods. They are not meant to be done in place of your physician's care. In the previous articles, we have discussed the fundamentals of cancer, reviewed a list of causes, explored the various types and stages of cancer, examined the role that nutrition can play in cancer growth, and looked at the use of herbal supplements as a form of cancer therapy. This segment will discuss various Physical Support Therapies and their benefits for individuals with cancer. The specific physical therapies will include Detoxification, Biological Dentistry, Water Therapy, Heat Therapy, Bodywork (which covers such areas as Therapeutic Massage and Exercise) and the ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong.


I know that I have talked about the practice of detoxification in articles on diet, fasting, and cleansing your digestive system. In the society we live in, we are constantly bombarded by pollutants that directly affect our body. Right now, most drinking water contains over 700 chemicals; over 10,000 chemicals are used in food processing and storage; and over 3000 chemicals are added to the food supply. We directly ingest all of these toxins and they can remain in our body for years. The only way to cleanse the system is through a detoxification process.

There are several different systems to detoxify the body; the length of time for the various systems lasts from one week to several months. A thorough detoxification will address clearing all areas through which the body releases toxins -- the intestines, the bladder, the lungs, and the skin. In addition, each system will have a special program of nutrition to help rebuild the body's healing system.

In order to do a proper detoxification, you should consult with your physician regarding dietary changes, reduction of stress load, massage and skin brushing (stimulates nervous system and lymphatic system), herbal supplements, and nutrients such as antioxidants and probiotics to boost your immune system function.

Biological Dentistry

The practice of Biological Dentistry involves removing dental toxins such as mercury-based dental fillings and root canals that can harbor unidentified infections. This practice has been developing since the 1940s, and focuses on using nontoxic dental restoration material instead of mercury dental amalgams.

Practitioners believe that the mercury leeches out from dental fillings and travels into the body tissues. This process weakens the immune system, providing an opportunity for cancer growth. They also believe that root canals can contain hidden infections, which can directly contribute to the development of cancer.

The removal of amalgam fillings must be followed by any detoxification of the body in order to eliminate any residual mercury that may still be in the body tissues. This is a dietary process similar to the one described above and lasts roughly three months.

Water Therapy

The technique of Water Therapy or Hydrotherapy uses water, ice, steam, as well as water at hot and cold temperatures to assist the body in removing toxins. Techniques included steam baths, hot and cold compresses, sitz baths, colonic irrigations, and full-body immersions.

Water Therapy is used for detoxification as well as for the relief of stress and pain. This is achieved by increasing the blood circulation and heightening the immune response to the application of water techniques at various temperatures.

Heat Therapy

Hyperthermia or Heat Therapy is beneficial to individuals battling cancer because cancer cells are vulnerable to high temperatures. Methods of raising the temperatures include saunas, hot packs, steam baths, or wrapping oneself in hot blankets. Common medical approaches include ultrasound, shortwave or microwave diathermy, radiant heating, and extracorporeal heating.

Ultrasound increases the body temperature by the frictions of the sound waves as they pass through the various body tissues. Diathermy causes the body temperature to rise by electromagnetic energy delivered at certain radio frequencies. Radiant heat is the application of infrared heat to areas of the body. Extracorporeal heating is the practice of removing the blood, heating it outside of the body, and returning it to the body at a higher temperature.

Hyperthermia has been shown in studies to change the structure of cell membranes. It makes tumor cells, easier to attack with radiation or chemotherapy, while protecting the normal cells.


The term Bodywork refers to a wide range of practices such as Therapeutic Massage and Exercise. These techniques provide physical relaxation, stimulation of the circulatory system, reduction of pain, stimulation of the lymph system, and enhancement of the body's immune system.

Massage helps to relax muscle tension as well as speeding the removal of toxins from the system. Prolonged muscle contractions contribute to pain and interfere with the elimination of chemical wastes in the muscles.

Exercise helps with digestion, weight control, detoxification, and immune system function. Yoga, low-impact aerobics, calisthenics, stretching and flexing exercises are all good ways to strengthen the body's healing system. The benefits of exercise for people with cancer are as follows:

· Increased blood supply to cells -- cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment.

· Lymph system stimulation -- muscular contractions help the lymph system remove toxins more rapidly.

· Increased immune system function -- exercise increases the activity of the body's Natural Killer cells.

· Increased body temperature -- exercise elevates the body temperature to a level that is destructive to cancer cells.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong (pronounce chee-GUNG) is a therapy of slow movements used to develop deep relaxation, enhanced oxygen supply, increased lymph circulation, and to reduce symptoms associated with cancer. This system has been used in China for centuries as a preventive measure. Qi Gong directs the production and flow of qi or vital life force throughout the body. This life force is considered an essential component of Traditional Chinese Medicine and determining the flow of qi is an important part of the analysis of any disease.

The main ways that Qi Gong aids in resisting cancer are by:

· Supplying additional oxygen to the body cells - this is helpful because cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment and unlike vigorous exercise the oxygen is distributed throughout the body instead of being concentrated in the muscles.

· Improving the balance in the autonomic nervous system - this is beneficial because the autonomic nervous system controls our 'fight-or-flight' response and dumps stress-related hormones into our system that suppress our immune system. Balancing this system decreases blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels, which helps the oxygen supply and boosts the immune function.

· Increasing the function of the lymph system - this is advantageous because the lymph system acts as the body's sewage system, taking toxins from all the body's cells. Improving the circulation of the lymph system rids the body of toxins more rapidly and transporting immune system cells to areas of need.

In the next article, we will complete our five part series on cancer as we explore the use of Energy Support Therapies for cancer therapy. These methods include Electrodermal Screening, Magnetic Therapy, and Light Therapy. If you would like more information on any topic discussed in this article, you can contact me through my website. As always, I hope that you have found this information helpful and educational. Remember that you are the one in charge of your health.

Natural Health Therapies and Cancer - Part Five

Thursday, 10 October 2013

This article is the fifth and final installment of a series on Natural Health Therapies and Cancer. The material presented is meant to inform you of complementary cancer therapies that are available in the medical community. These therapies are to be used in cooperation with other cancer treatment methods. They are not meant to replace your physician's care.

So far, we have discussed the basics of cancer, looked at a list of causes, reviewed the various types and stages of cancer, and examined the use of nutrition and herbal supplements as forms of cancer therapy. We have also talked about various physical support therapies and their benefits for individuals with cancer. In this article, we will investigate the use of Energy Support Therapies for cancer. These methods include Electrodermal Screening, Magnetic Therapy, and Light Therapy.

'Energy Medicine' refers to any therapies or testing that use an energy field such as electrical, magnetic, sonic, microwave, infrared, or acoustic energy. We've all been exposed to energy medicine before. EKGs for heart activity, EMGs for muscle tests, EEGs for brain waves, and MRIs for scanning body parts are all examples of energy medicine techniques.

The basic principle in energy medicine is that a disease will show an energy change before it becomes a full-blown illness. The energy flow is based on acupuncture meridians known for thousands of years. These meridians are pathways for energy flow. The concept of energy flow in the meridians is similar to the flow of blood in the arteries and veins in our circulatory system. Studies done in Germany and at Stanford University verified that there is electrical conduction through the acupuncture meridians, that the energy changes at the traditional acupuncture points, and that the energy changes when health is poor.

Electrodermal Screening Testing the skin surface to determine if there are any imbalances in the energy flow is called electrodermal screening. It is done by touching a small probe to certain points on the hands and feet, which generates information on a computer. A point value on a scale of 0-100 is assigned to the various readings. Scores in the 45-55 range are considered normal. Readings below 45 indicate organ degeneration while scores above 55 suggest organ inflammation. Following the electrodermal screening, therapies are given according to the scores displayed at each of the various test sites.

Magnetic Therapy We are exposed to magnetic energy every day. Some is naturally generated by our body, by solar flares, by changes in the weather, and by the earth itself. Common electrical devices like radios, televisions, computers, microwave ovens, power wheelchairs, and commercial power lines also produce magnetic fields.

Magnetic therapy focuses on the use of external magnets and electromagnetic devices to relieving symptoms and reversing degenerative diseases. The negative poles of the magnets have shown benefits to health while the positive poles exhibit a harmful effect. It has been identified that cancer thrives in a high-acid, low-oxygen environment. Negative magnetic fields cause the cells to become more alkaline and to increase the oxygen level. The technique is called Magnetic Resonance Bio-oxidative Therapy and is still considered experimental even though there are reports of successful treatments of cancers of the prostate, brain, spine, skin and mouth.

Light Therapy Exposure to sunlight plays an important role in maintaining good health. Not only does it help the body produce Vitamin D; the sunlight also sends impulses to our brain's regulatory system. The brain then generates signals to control everything from sleep cycles and body temperature to digestion and immune function. Because of the body's need for light, poor lighting or minimal exposure to the sun can lead to health problems. Studies have linked poor lighting to fatigue, hostility, suppressed immune function, depression, hair loss, skin damage, strokes, and cancer.

'Full-Spectrum Light Therapy' has shown the ability to help with improving the overall health. Similar to exposure to sunlight, this therapy uses the entire range of light including ultraviolet. A study at Johns Hopkins University Medical School demonstrated a positive relationship between full-spectrum light and the prevention of breast, colon, and rectal cancers.

'Ultraviolet Light Therapy' is used both topically for skin lesions and through a process called hemo-irradiation for other cancers. Hemo-irradiation involves removing about a pint of blood, exposing it to ultraviolet light, and returning it to the patient's bloodstream. This technique has been reported to increase oxygen levels, neutralize body toxins, and balance the body's biochemicals.

'Photodynamic Therapy' or PDT is quite promising in handling some early stage cancers. This therapy involves injecting dyes or medications that are sensitive to light. These agents are absorbed by the cancer tumors which are then exposed to certain types of light. This technique has had a 90% success rate in Japan for the early stage cancers of the lung, stomach, esophagus, and cervix.

Further Information Most of you know that I am an advocate for learning more about your body and any illness for which you have been diagnosed. Education is a great tool in preventing disease. Here is a good book for Cancer and Alternative Medicine -- A Definitive Guide to Cancer by W. John Diamond, M.D., W. Lee Cowden, M.D., and Burton Goldberg.

The Definitive Guide to Cancer is a must-read. I recommend this book to everyone because it provides a great historical and medical background for the increase of cancer in today's society. It also describes 37 different alternative cancer treatments being used by physicians in the U.S. and around the world. The book is informative and eye-opening. I have used it as a reference many times while writing this series on Cancer.

If you would like more information on any topic discussed in this series or to suggest ideas for a future article, you can contact me through my website or email me at DoctorRyan@JerryRyanPhD.com.

Have You Talked to Your Parents About Drugs? The Startling Rise of Baby Boomer Drug Abuse

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, drug abuse rates are rising rapidly among Baby Boomers. The Baby Boomer generation of Americans who were born in the years following World War II extends from 1946 to 1964 and includes people who are currently between the ages of 63 and 49. Overall, the Baby Boomers comprise a large segment of the United States population, given that more than 75 million people were born during that period. The fact that they are increasingly using drugs provides reason to be worried about the impact this could have on the future of the country. The most alarming piece of information in the WLRN report was that the 55-59 age group is the one which is experiencing the most significant rise in drug abuse rates. The reasons for this, however, are not necessarily what you might assume.

Given that the Baby Boomers were the generation which was in its teens and twenties during the 1960s and 1970s, when drug use exploded among the American youth, it would be natural to expect that this is the major reason why boomers are now using drugs more. Indeed, many do smoke pot as an old habit which persists from the days when they were young. Other street drugs are common, as evidenced by the fact that the number of emergency room admissions for cocaine abuse among South Florida baby boomers has been steadily increasing, whereas it has been on the decline for the general population since 2006. Street drugs are not, however, the primary reason which is driving the rates of boomer drug abuse.

The number of baby boomers who are receiving treatment for addiction to prescription drugs has exploded since 2001, when 15 percent of those in treatment were members of the boomer generation as compared with 30 percent now. Following alcohol, prescription drugs are the most common reason why boomers end up in rehab, with sleeping pills and opiate painkillers being the two most prevalent drugs of addiction.

What is driving the increase in baby boomer drug addiction?

Given that prescription drugs are actually the leading drugs of addiction among baby boomers, it is evident that the rising tide of addiction among that generation of Americans is not necessarily a result of their drug use during youth. More commonly, what is happening is that one of these people goes into see his or her doctor with a complaint such as insomnia, back pain or anxiety, and is walking out with a prescription for Ambien, Vicodin or Oxycontin, or Klonopin. These and similar drugs are highly addictive and susceptible to abuse, and patients are at great risk of developing a dependence. A doctor from a local addiction treatment center is quoted in the PBS story as saying that most physicians receive very little training on the subject of substance abuse and addiction, and that they very often use prescriptions as an easy solution for resolving a patient's symptoms, even if it is not actually a treatment.

Compounding the problem is the aggressive marketing engaged in by drug companies -- most of which rake in annual revenues in the tens of billions of dollars -- and the way that the pharmaceutical industry lavishes doctors with gifts such as free trips to "medical conferences" in Hawaii and other exotic locales as a way to compel them into helping to sell the drugs. The doctors stand to make more money by writing quick prescriptions so that they can spend less time with each patient; the drug companies stand to make massive profits; and the patients very often wind up addicted.

The Easy Guide To Finding The Best Health Insurance Coverage

Friday, 4 October 2013

Health insurance coverage is a major necessity for today's active consumer. Taking the chance of not setting enough money aside in order to pay your monthly health insurance premium is basically gambling with your financial and physical well-being. Typically, health insurance benefits and coverage vary widely among the many different health insurance providers. However, they all have one common trait or feature and that is they all pay for a pre-determined amount of incurred medical cost for the policy holder or insured individual.

Health insurance may not seem as important to you right now and in many cases most people don't acknowledge the fact that they even need health insurance until it's to late. This usually happens right around the time when a consumer requires significant medical attention or assistance. For some folks even routine doctor's exams and medical appointments can be the catalyst or wake up sign that health insurance is very vital to living a health and stress free life.

The United States health care system is unique in its own right due in large part to the privatization that has occurred in the medical and health care community. This is spurned the demand and need for an adequate health insurance policy and coverage system. Many other countries actually use a government-sponsored form of health care that doesn't require insurance coverage in any form.

The three primary forms of health care insurance include the self-insured and uninsured consumers, managed care plans and indemnity health care plans. The self-insured and uninsured group of consumers normally consist of the self-employed and unfortunately folks that are currently not working or out of work. The latest figures show that about 35% of the folks needing health care insurance fall into this category.

Chances are you've probably already familiar with what a managed health care plan is, thanks in large part to the stories discussed in the newspapers, TV and local radio stations. After all, health care is a hot topic for many consumers living in the United States. Basically all a managed care plan does is offer contracted health care providers at pre-negotiated prices. There are three different versions of the managed health care plans provided in today's medical community. The most commonly known is the Health Maintenance Organization or HMO. This plan requires its insured members to contribute a set dollar amount or fee each month in exchange for medical care. The typical medical services that are readily provided by an HMO include routine appointments, surgery and some outside specialization treatments (although the HMO plan usually frowns upon seeking medical assistance outside of the HMO network of providers).

The next managed care plan is the Preferred Provider Organizations or PPO. This health service plan normally requires the insured to make payment up front and then provides a re-imbursement to the member of the health care plan. Much like HMOs the PPO has a set network of doctors and health care providers that ity has negotiated with in advance in order to obtain better rates for medical treatment that may be required by its members.

The final plan offered by the managed health care plan is the Point of Service or POS plan. This plan isn't really talked about as much as the HMO and PPO health insurance plans based on the fact that it's not as common. A member of this plan avoids having to pay a deductible and a small co-payment fee provided they use a doctor that is a member of the POS network. The major drawback with this plan is if the insured member seeks treatment outside of the referral network then a rather large deductible is incurred along with some rather stiff charges.

Aside from the self-insured/uninsured plan and the managed health care plan there is still one more form of health insurance coverage that can be obtained by consumers who have a little more money that they wish to spend on their health insurance coverage. This plan is the indemnity plan and although it offers the least amount of restrictions when compared to all other health care plans it is also the most expensive. The reason for the high cost associated with this form of health insurance coverage is due to the ability for the plan member or insured consumer to visit any doctor or health care specialist they want to receive health care from as often as needed or required.

With several choices between which health insurance plan or coverage to choose from it really boils down to each individual consumer's own unique needs, wants and desires when it comes to the health care they want provided to them. Searching for the right health insurance coverage can be a mundane and laborious task but it doesn't have to be difficult if you know what you're choices are prior to beginning your quest to find the best health insurance plan at the most affordable price.

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Online Health Insurance Leads

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Health insurance lead generation systems provide a stead stream of potential clients for health insurance brokers. Health insurance leads are considered to be people who may need health coverage to supplement the health coverage provided by their employer. A health insurance lead can also be someone who is self-employed and needs to obtain coverage for themselves or their entire family. Health insurance brokers rely on health insurance leads systems to supply them with enough potential clients to keep their business going. There are a large number of people who either need additional coverage or are in business for themselves and need an individual or family health insurance plan.

Health insurance lead services are available at a reasonable cost to health insurance brokers. Typically, health insurance leads companies will charge an annual or monthly fee for the leads and account maintenance. When considering a health insurance lead system, it is best to look for one that offers an unlimited amount of leads for one low monthly fee. Some companies that provide health insurance leads charge a per-lead fee. Make sure the leads are guaranteed for you money back or at least a guarantee that the company will replace them free of additional charges.

The way it works is through referral systems. The qualified health insurance lead fills out a form on the health insurance leads provider's website. Upon receipt of the form, the lead service emails the health insurance agent the information submitted by the health insurance lead. The health insurance agent then contacts the health insurance lead via email or phone and provides them with a quote on the type of health insurance coverage they are looking for. In order to obtain the most qualified health insurance leads, health insurance brokers can give the leads service company specific information about the types of coverage offered.

Many health insurance lead generation systems come with automated email follow-ups. It is important for the insurance agent to contact the health insurance leads as soon as possible. Some of the health insurance leads are provided to more than one insurance agent. With the cost of health care constantly rising, the health insurance industry is very competitive and timing could make the difference between success and failure. With a consistent health insurance lead generation system and quick follow-ups, a steady stream of high quality leads will continue to come in. This could give you a huge advantage over the competition.

Skills to Succeed Workshops - Bedford

Skills to Succeed Workshops at Bedford

Learning Resources and Student Support are offering a range of workshops to help you to develop the esssential skills you'll need in order to be a successful student.

All workshops are FREE to attend and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • 8th October 2013, 10.00-11.00 How to: Get organised & manage time. Room P1.23

  • 9th October 2013, 09.00-10.00 How to: Create effective notes. Room P1.20

  • 9th October, 2013, 11.00-12.00 How to: Read academic materials. Room P2.03

  • 14th October 2013, 09.00-10.00 The Benefits of Positive Thinking, Room P0.60

  • 16th October 2013 10.00-11.00 How to: Plan & structure an assignment, Room P1.13

  • 16th October 2013 11.00-12.00 How to: Write academically, Room P2.03

  • 17th October 2013 10.00-11.00 How to: Paraphrase & summarise text, Room P2.19

  • 21st October 2013 09.00-10.00 Motivation: Keep the switch, Room P0.60

  • 24th October 2013 10.00-11.00 How to: Show critical thinking in an assignment, Room P1.20

  • 24th October 2013 14.00-15.00 How to: Read a journal article, Room K0.01

  • 28th October 2013 09.00-10.00 Managing stress, Room P0.60

  • 29th October 2013 How to: Write academically, Roo P1.13

  • 1st November 2013 11.00-12.00 How to: Plan & structure an assignment, Room P1.13

  • 1st November 2013 12.00-13.00 How to: Give a presentation, Room P1.13

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